We live in a world where everything changes very quickly. The large number of options that we have to choose from in most aspects that surround us give us the opportunity to try many of them, causing us to quickly tire of those that we have already had the possibility to experiment or use. Therefore, this concept is applied in all areas of our life, not only in material objects, but also has a strong impact on our emotions.

A new world of possibilities to explore

Therefore, concepts such as throwaway fashion are having a great impact on our daily lives. Before, an article of clothing was for almost a lifetime. Its high cost and its difficult elaboration by hand meant that each one of them had to be carefully cared for and displayed on as many occasions as possible. However, now we can access to buy many of these garments for very cheap prices and many sectors, such as fashion, take advantage of this by making trends change a lot and quickly , so that the consumer has the need to buy more and discard those you no longer use .

Something similar happens in the field of emotions. The fact of being able to meet many more people and with ease, something that was not possible before the appearance and popularization of social networks, has made friendships and relationships more and more ephemeral . As it is easy to find another person in a world full of them, it is normal to have more desire to meet new people and live unknown experiences .

In the field of travel , it is now easier than ever to be able to move from one place to another. Advances in technology allow us to fly to the furthest point on the planet in just a few hours and the fact of speaking languages ​​or knowing how to properly use the appropriate electronic devices means that we can communicate easily wherever we go. All this has made traveling cheaper and has become very popular, which is why many people take long trips at least once a year . Something that was totally unthinkable for the generation before that of today’s young people, without having to go back years.

Addiction to seeking new experiences

Having so many possibilities at your fingertips has its positive aspects . For example, the person becomes someone more tolerant and with greater empathy , because he has had the possibility of having more experiences compared to previous generations, which with great difficulty had occasionally traveled abroad or had much more closed values ​​and They did not have the possibility of knowing as many points of view as we can now , without leaving the comfort of home, thanks to social networks and the media.

For many people it becomes exciting to discover new things and add them to their list of experiences and knowledge. Therefore, it is normal for it to become addictive . The more new experiences he acquires, the more he will have to know something unusual, that he has not had the possibility of living up to now. In addition, you will probably want to compare it with other people, who will also like to discover new things to do, not only traveling, but in all aspects of their daily life .

This can make people so eager for adventure and new experiences to tire easily of what becomes routine. Thus, they may not want to have a stable partner, discovering that the magic of the initial infatuation is lost over time, or they may not find a job that makes them feel comfortable, since when they learn how to perform tasks they may lose. the illusion of the beginning and feel like looking for a new one to regain the illusion.

This desire for adventure is not a negative thing . However, you will have to learn to channel them if you do not want them to turn the person into someone continuously discontented. The fact of living in constant change makes them take better the sudden news they may receive and that they are not afraid to risk when it comes to leaving their comfort zone . However, they must know how to find the balance between the desire for adventure and a normal daily life. Routine is something we must all learn to live with, since we cannot live in constant change, because human beings need to follow some guidelines to find emotional peace and to be happy. Therefore, this profile of people must find a job with which they feel comfortable and a person they love, learning that there will be more options out there, but that they have made the best choice and that nobody and nothing is perfect. This way, they can have an emotionally stable life , while they can continue to live adventures occasionally, thus valuing them to a greater extent and enjoying them as they deserve without getting tired or feeling disappointed or incomplete. 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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