Harassment at work , also known as mobbing, is a very unpleasant situation that, for those who have suffered it and those around them, is very difficult to control and cope with.

The mobbing is neither more nor less than in a situation where a worker feels slighted, he despised and harassed by their peers in their workplace . It can be a type of direct or indirect harassment and can be verbal, physical or even through the internet and social networks .

When a person is subjected to a situation of workplace harassment at work, it has consequences that can even affect their health. This makes the worker perform less in his job since he does not feel how and it can also affect his mood, he may have difficulties falling asleep, stress and anxiety , lack of concentration and self-esteem, etc. 

Unfortunately, mobbing is a word that is becoming more and more familiar to us and it is quite common for people who suffer from workplace harassment, but this situation can be fixed.

What can I do to get out of the mobbing?

The most common thing when a person suffers workplace harassment is that he ends up leaving the company and, therefore, loses his job due to the unsustainable situation. Although this decision allows you to cut your losses with the hell of going to work , many times you can get a change by taking other types of measures.

The first thing, at the beginning when we suffer mobbing it is difficult to detect since they are usually comments about your way of working but we have to bear in mind that if we are hired by the company, we have the same value as the rest of the workers of the company, so we do not have to put up with comments of any kind on this topic. To do this, the best thing is that we write down in a notebook all the derogatory comments and ugly gestures on the part of the colleagues and when we see that the thing begins to be daily, comment it to a superior who may be aware of the situation and react to it.

What we never, ever have to do is confront the partner who is harassing us , since at this moment we will have lost all our reason. If we confront our stalker, we only have to lose because he will surely keep calm in the situation because he will be looking for that reaction in you.

If your company has a Human Resources or Labor Relations department, ask for advice on how to proceed. It is a situation that must be reported, so you will need the help of an expert lawyer in Labor Law, and if your company does not have this figure, or you do not find any type of support, you can also ask for help from union organizations, or requesting private legal advice, or requesting free justice in court. The case could reach a Labor Inspection, so the mobbing goes beyond a mere bad relationship between colleagues.

If, on the contrary, we see that in our office or in our company there is a colleague who is being harassed by another, we can also act so that this ends. It is best to act normally , without giving importance to the matter in the face of the harasser. In the case of the harassed, we have to show our support so that they know that all the comments they are receiving from the harasser are not true. It is not highly recommended that we, being spectators of this situation of workplace harassment, go to report it to superiors, since this is a decision of the harassed.

Psychological intervention in mobbing

People who suffer harassment at work, as a general rule, end up developing stress and anxiety , they even have to go to psychological therapy to regain the confidence in themselves that they had before the mobbing.

This therapy will basically include relaxation techniques, in which the bullied will learn to manage the anxiety and stress that the mobbing has generated. Self-esteem and self-affirmation techniques in which the therapist has to get the person subjected to workplace bullying to regain confidence in himself and his abilities. Finally, the therapy has to include cognitive restructuring techniques in which the patient will combat the negative thoughts that the whole situation has generated.

Also a technique that helps a lot to people who have suffered some type of bullying and have been subjected to prolonged stress and anxiety situations is to incorporate healthy habits into their lives that help them get ahead . Among these healthy habits that will improve your quality of life we ​​have to highlight: sleeping eight hours a day, having a healthy diet based on fruits and vegetables, abandoning alcohol and tobacco and exercising daily. 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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