When there are different opinions , society in general feels threatened, by the mere fact that they are still somewhat frustrated and do not know how to expel all that anger . Stress, although it seems that in this area it has nothing to do with it, increases hatred and anger . In the world of sports, specifically football, which moves a lot of money, great ideological disputes have been generated just because a team wins or loses and not only on the street, but on television sets.

Here, the players of the teams also come into play, since not only the followers of different teams face each other , but there is also hatred towards the players when, for example, they do not score a goal or even towards the referees for signaling a foul wrong. There are constant displays of hatred and insults in a football game, and the worst of all is not that, but even in children’s or youth football matches, samples of this type of aggressiveness and violence have also been seen .

In general, there is extreme hatred throughout football , so much so that in many countries, the fans of some teams have made meetings just to hit each other before games , but what is the point of all that? There are people who have even died for thinking differently and being from the opposing team, does all this hatred have any part?

It is true that more and more associations and groups against physical and verbal violence that support sport , place more emphasis on avoiding any type of conflict both off and on the field, even social networks have witnessed comments totally misplaced, they have come to be legally penalized . It is clear that the world of football, in addition to moving large amounts of money, is capable of generating hatred between people, when it should not be like that and you should be able to enjoy an international sport that unites many peopleculturally. What’s more, that hateful effect can be reversed in personal learning when it comes to exchanging those opinions that lead to hatred .

Reasons why there is hatred in football

One of the main reasons why this sport generates resentment is antipathy . You only look for yourself, in this case, that the team wins and of course, it is not worth just winning, it has to be a game in which the referee and the players have done it wonderfully, without any kind of altercation, because any detail can lead to an argument with an opponent from another team. Any sign out of the ordinary is synonymous with criticism and hatred .

The worst comes when the opposing supporters of a match come together, diversity of opinion and anger flood football stadiums for the mere fact that a team wins or loses. Madness appears when cups are played in large competitions , in fact the place where the match is held or the places where the supporters can be found are controlled by innumerable police and citizen security cars .

The different opinions that are refuted in an absolute truth , it seems that in football terms they exist, and nothing is further from the truth. Well, what could have been a good game for some may not have been for others. That can generate anger between people, even street fights . It seems that the fans of this sport have a motto: “Love your team to hate the other” , words that unfortunately come true over the years. Hate in football has always existed, and most of the time it has been due to the frustration of seeing the team lose .

Without a doubt, another reason for so much hatred and violence are the radical groups that follow a soccer team. These are the ones who, in most cases , promote hatred and violence among the rest of the people who go to see a game that they simply limit themselves to enjoying. Without going any further, fights have formed with people who simply strolled quietly down the street. Hate in football is a madness that seems to have no end. For them, violence and verbal aggression make them feel the colors of their team more, and generate anger around them for those who are not part of their group . That is why it is very important to stay away when this happens.

I hate in football

Racism, homophobia , hatred and violence are terms that continue to be more present in football stadiums. There are countless occasions on which a soccer player has been insulted for being from another country , including because of his sexual orientation . It seems that freedom of expression in football is increasingly limited. Nobody should judge since nobody likes to be judged , and in football this practice is too widespread.

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