The slow life movement, or also known as ‘slow movement’, is a cultural trend that encourages us to do activities more calmly. What he seeks is that time does not control us , but we control him in a tyrannical society. The aim is to give prominence to human development activities, in search of a balance between the use of technologies to save as much time as possible while enjoying worldly things .

Origin of the slow movement

This movement was born in Italy during the 80s, especially linked to the field of catering when the first McDonald’s began to appear that did not close all day. What was sought was to have enough time to carry out any activity, without social pressure . This trend began to spread to other aspects of life, such as work, sex or leisure.

Slow sex

“A fifth of us interrupt sex with their partner to read an email or answer a phone call,” said Canadian journalist Carl Honoré, author of the book ‘In Praise of Slowness’, a guru of this movement more and more extended. The ‘virus’ of haste has spread in an incredible way , so much so that it completely disrupts sexual relations, which are increasingly ephemeral and less enjoyable.

This movement seeks to get to sex in a fun, calm and passionate way. And in this type of sexual practice, orgasm is not always reached, because it is not a purpose, but what is sought is that it be an intense and pleasant experience. Of course, it has nothing to do with tantric sex, because not everyone can practice it. On the other hand, you have better communication in sexual relationships, because there is no rush.

Slow food

This movement is committed to the traditional consumption of food, and it was thanks to Carlo Petrini that it has been practiced since the 80s . This Italian made it clear that we had to slow down when it came to eating and not just living. Away from industrialization, what is sought is not to eat with speed , that is, to forget about the inclusion of ‘ fast food ‘.

You have to eat carefully, knowingly and slowly, being aware of what you are consuming. On the other hand, this movement serves not to forget the traditional recipes, appearing a new gastronomy , in which a good meal is enjoyed as well as being healthy. A snail is the symbol of this movement, representing slowness .

Slow beauty

In this case, beauty is in harmony with the passage of time, and what is sought is to have healthy lifestyle habits, to dedicate a few minutes a day to reconnect not only with our body, but with our own nature. In addition, the people who are part of this movement use healthy products that do not negatively affect the environment .

Reference is not only made to the raw materials with which the products are obtained, but also to the procedures with which they are obtained, something that also affects our skin. When you bet on the slow movement in beauty , responsible consumption is carried out, not only in cosmetics.

Tips for leading a slow life

The guru Carl Honoré has reflected a lot on this matter and exposes a series of tips that can be carried out day by day:

    1. Breathe, because it has a calming effect and manages to balance the body and mind in a situation of anxiety.
    1. Control the speed. Find a few moments throughout the day to stop.
    1. Eat well and try not to eat at the office table, get up , find a place to relax and take your time to do so.
    1. I use those spaces for this lifestyle. Do meditation, yoga, or take a nap.
    1. Have a few hours a week without any plans, just time for yourself.
    1. Meditate, to stop stress and concentrate better.
    1. Make puzzles, stop and look at the pieces.
    1. Take breaks from work, walk, be flexible
    1. Make a ‘not to do’ list, that is, things not to do , because sometimes it is okay not to do all the plans that are proposed to you.
    1. Outsource tasks and delegate to other people, you don’t want to always cover everything .
    1. Take your time, so don’t pack your schedule so much.
    1. Disconnect and choose specific hours for you per day, after hours do not look at any mail or take any calls.
    1. Stop, look, think. Do not always get carried away by technologies, sometimes it is better to do things in person.
    1. Delete notifications.
    1. Get up earlier, set your alarm clock 10 minutes before the time and that way you will do everything more calmly.
    1. Learn to say no.
    1. Limit access to your email.
    1. Find your slow ritual. Choose an activity that helps you relax and slow down.
    1. A corner thinking, looking times to be sun @ and think.
  1. And most importantly, LIVE IN THE PRESENT .

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