In recent years it has been possible to verify how yoga , mindfulness or meditation have become very popular practices that are practiced by millions of people around the world. These three disciplines seek to find in everyone who practices them, a mental balance, a release of stress and complete physical relaxation . The benefits of this type of practice are so recognized that, nowadays, there are already many companies that have complementary activities such as mindfulness to help their employees to disconnect from the stress of work and renew their energy from day to day.

Enjoying good mental and emotional health is very important when dealing with the different conflicts that one may encounter throughout the day. That is why finding a practice that helps to vent and release accumulated tension is recommended by many psychologists , either through physical or mental exercise or that involves both. Below, you can find a list of reasons to know what mindfulness is for and why its practice is so beneficial.

What is mindfulness?

Before knowing what the mindfulness technique is for, it is important to know what it is and what it consists of. More than a practice, mindfulness is intended to be described as a philosophy of life in which the attitude and predisposition of a person to their day has to be relaxed to achieve a mental, physical and emotional balance. The ultimate goal is to avoid bad thoughts, ensure that minor problems do not condition daily life and also be able to maintain a positive and cheerful attitude to everything that comes.

The secret of the key to the success of mindfulness is that it helps control and manage emotions, thus achieving a mental well-being that also ends up being translated abroad. Although in its Buddhist origins, this philosophy and relaxation technique was carried out with religious connotations, today it has detached itself from any mystical component or terminology to focus purely on individuality and personal well-being. Among all the benefits for which it stands out, without a doubt the most notable are the following:

It helps to reduce stress

That the pace of life and the constant movement of today’s world supposes, on many occasions, a maelstrom of stress and anxiety is no secret to anyone. The responsibilities of work or family or being connected 24 hours a day thanks to technology, usually generates a feeling of fatigue and restlessness quite common among the population. The mindfulness technique, what it seeks is to work with individuals whose daily responsibilities exceed them in order to make them disconnect, relax and prepare them to face these obligations with a more relaxed attitude.

It has been shown that the continued practice of this philosophy of life helps relaxation and reduce cortisol levels in the body, being this a type of hormone that the body itself releases in response to stress. Controlling emotions and releasing accumulated tensions help reduce anxiety and face conflicts and problems of the day with a much more positive attitude.

Helps you sleep better

Worries, easily fixable problems, and insecurities often cause many conflicts at break time. When a person is subjected to very high and constant levels of stress, they probably end up developing serious problems falling asleep with all the consequences that these entail. This is why it is crucial to know the importance of managing stress and preventing, in turn, that anxiety from controlling or conditioning one’s life.

The cortisol hormone is necessary for the survival of an individual but it is important to maintain it at levels that do not alter sleep and the performance of daily activities. When cortical levels are low, the body is able to enter a total rest mode during sleep, making rest completely restorative . Otherwise, being stressed and not knowing how to control this restlessness makes it more difficult to fall asleep and even the brain does not rest during that period of overnight stay.

Helps to be happier and more cheerful

One of the first things that you work on in mindfulness sessions is to manage your emotions and not let them overwhelm you. On many occasions, a person renounces their goals because they do not have a strong enough inner attitude and this is precisely what the practice of mindfulness seeks to avoid. This philosophy of life aims to prevent negative thoughts from sinking you and preventing you from continuing to advance on the path you have decided to take.

Enjoying the little details , being able to see the positive side of any setback, or accepting that things don’t always go the way you want are steps that mindfulness focuses on. Managing emotions is crucial to find inner peace and also with the outside.

Makes you more creative

This point is of great help, especially if the profession of the person who practices mindfulness is within the artistic and creative field . The mental blocks are one of the reasons why many people are stuck in their personal lives and in their professional field. Getting the mind free of negative thoughts is an unlocking process that allows free imagination and that allows ideas to flow without fear of colliding with pessimistic or unfortunate judgments.

The mindfulness technique helps you live and seize the moment. By displacing worries and stress, one is able to clear one’s mind to deal with aspects that are perhaps most relevant at the time. Be that as it may, the relaxation that the practice of this philosophy implies helps the mind feel freer and ideas flow without fear, something positive if you work in the creative world or if you simply want to have an open mind

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