The phobia is an uncontrollable fear of different things or situations without always has a specific cause of the reason for that fear. Sometimes they are caused by childhood trauma, some unpleasant event or simple fear, but this does not always have an explanation. The most common are phobias of insects, heights or the dark, but there are many other more unknown phobias and that every day becomes a very serious problem for those who suffer from it.

One of these more unknown phobias is dermatopathophobia or fear of skin lesions. To begin to understand this type of phobia, a clear distinction must be made with trypophobia , often confused. This occurs due to the habit that many people have of looking for these types of fears on the internet. When searching on the web, when introducing the word dermatopathophobia, we can find many images of skin lesions, but many of them are more related to lesions with the shape of perfect and ordered circles. In reality, this image is more related to trypophobia, which is the fear of agglomerations of geometric shapes, especially small holes. However, in the case of dermatopathophobia, it must be understood that it is the fear ofany type of injury or disease that has to do with the skin, visual or not.

Causes and symptoms of dermatopathophobia

The fear of skin lesions appearing can be produced by having suffered a serious illness or someone close to them with dermatological problems, but there is also the option that it is an irrational fear that they appear due to a hypochondriacal disorder.

The person who suffers from dermatopathophobia is not only afraid of being injured or having a disease, but will also suffer anxiety due to the simple redness produced by a very contrasting temperature change. It also affects people with this phobia to suffer or see a burn, an irritation caused by an allergy or a sting. Of course these people also suffer from belonephobia or fear of needles and of course you will never see a person with dematopathophobia get a piercing or a tattoo, something that is superior for them, even if it is a close person who does it.

There are many levels of this phobia, since while some people may fear only skin lesions and diseases, for others the simple fact of excess dryness can cause anxiety.

The main symptoms that we can find in people who suffer from dermatopathophobia are, as in many other phobias: excessive sweating, palpitations, muscle tension, pupil dilation, nausea, chills, etc.

In the long run, a person with this phobia may have over-care of the skin and the friction of the same air, which can mean that he becomes an asocial person and that he is afraid to go out since this can be a problem for his skin. All these disorders can severely affect the mental health of the person, so you should put yourself in the hands of specialist doctors to help you put an end to your fears as soon as possible.

Treatment of dermatopathophobia

There is no medical treatment to deal with phobias, since they are disorders that affect the mind and which must be dealt with voluntarily. That is why the first thing you should have in the event that you suffer from dermatopathophobia is the desire to face and end the phobia. Once you are determined to end this fear, go to a specialized staff who can help you follow the appropriate and precise steps so that this fear disappears from your mind. 

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