There are many people who day after day dream of things that sometimes they are not even able to remember. On the other hand, many others remember them but do not understand their meaning and although they try to find an explanation, they do not find the logic. One of these strange dreams that can confuse the person when they wake up and in turn, make them wonder what is the reason for it is the fact of dreaming of being pregnant when in reality it is not.

This dream obviously occurs among women. If it occurs when they are expecting the baby, it is important not to get nervous or give it more importance since they are nothing more than worries that being pregnant can cause. However, if the person in question is not pregnant, why does this dream occur? Many people and experts have studied the language of dreams and the meanings they can have.

Analysis of possible meanings

The fact of dreaming of being pregnant without being pregnant can be a reflection of the need, desire or desire that one has to be a mother in a short period of time. For this reason, as it is something that many women want, it usually happens in a very common way, especially in those who have been planning to be mothers for a while or trying to get pregnant and who for some reason have not yet been able to carry it out.

However, the father of psychoanalysis Freud carried out an interpretation of dreams, concluding that the unconscious is the one that shows which are the greatest desires. Therefore, being the reflection of a hope that wants to be fulfilled , the fact of dreaming of being pregnant is nothing more than the sample of the dream that exists within the person of giving birth to a baby.

In addition to this explanation, there may be others that lead the person to have this type of dream. Since, there are many women who have gone through this experience and do not really feel the need or call to be mothers. So what other explanations can justify that nightly thought.

    • The desire to make changes in life: Being pregnant is synonymous with changes in the life of the person. That is why many experts indicate that these types of dreams may come from the desire to carry out certain changes in some area of ​​life . In this way, the unconscious would be giving a push or call to make those changes in life that are so much needed. Or what is the same, to give yourself the opportunity to do new things, to break with the routine, to recover lost illusions , live experiences, face new challenges, change your lifestyle, start a family …
    • Stage of maturity and personal growth: This dream can also be related to maturity and personal growth. Taking care of a child involves many responsibilities and this can be related to entering a mature stage in which worries increase, just as they would if you had a baby. Sometimes it is difficult for people to assume that the end of the stage in which concerns are few has arrived and therefore, a new way of living awaits them.
    • Not wanting to be pregnant: There are many women who dream of a pregnancy that they also receive in the worst way, since neither in their dreams nor when they wake up, they want to become a mother. In this case, this dream can reveal the fear that in real life causes the possibility of having a baby. In addition, it can also be a reflection of a feeling of denial that is being experienced. For example, that you are breaking up with your partner, starting a divorce process , changing jobs, moving to a new city …
    • Dreaming of a pregnancy with a girl or a boy: Many women dream about the sex of the baby and it is precisely through it that they can see if they have a girl or a boy . This is something that is related to the need to be a mother and in turn, to know as soon as possible what the baby’s sex will be. Contrary to what many think, it does not necessarily have to be a premonitory dream of what will happen months later, but only a desire to have a boy or a girl.
  • Dreaming of a pregnancy with twins : In this case, the language or interpretation of dreams says that the fact of dreaming that you are going to have more than one baby may be related to a feeling of anxiety or worry due to the complications that may arise during labor or birth, or even once it has occurred. However, this dream can also be the reflection of the concerns that one has about the problems that may come in the future, or in future projects. 

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