There is nothing better to calm the nerves, to relax properly , than doing any activity that is entertaining and relaxing enough to make us forget everything. Hobbies not only make us disconnect from the outside world and focus more on ourselves but also allow us to carry out more efficient relaxation techniques than any meditation . And it is that meditating is not suitable for everyone; Although it is true that meditation, and activities such as yoga or Pilates , are very practical in this sense, not all people have the same ability to relax to that point.

Sometimes this apparent inactivity can end up causing our nerves to increase rather than decrease. And, for that, there is nothing better than choosing some hobbies and doing them. But surely you are wondering what hobby you should choose, right? Because there are hundreds, thousands! The truth is that for each person one hobby will work better than another, and while there will be those who prefer to write to pass the time, others will opt for photography, painting or knitting. If you still do not have a hobby or an activity that you like to do in your free time, here you will be able to read a compilation of ten hobbies that will serve as a relaxation technique and that will entertain your nervousness.

1. Write! Write it all down!

Writing a journal is one of the best strategies to be able to see everything that happens to you from a totally different perspective; It allows you, by putting what happens to you on paper, to see it from the outside . You don’t have to write every day if you don’t have time (although it would be your thing), but you do have to write two or three times a week, even five, if you see that you can afford it. About what? This is the best of all: you can write about anything!

Your nerves will disappear as you capture your ideas, feelings or even wishes on a blank piece of paper. Because it will be almost like telling someone , although you will be the one who reflects on the subject.

2. Or do you prefer to draw?

Writing may not be your thing, and absolutely nothing happens. Maybe you prefer to draw! If that’s the case, buy yourself a notebook, pencils that you like a lot (or markers, crayons, pens …) and dedicate yourself about ten or fifteen minutes a day. Or every other day. Many psychologists advise their patients to opt for painting if they feel anxiety, because it is not only a creative activity but also a cathartic one.

3. Coloring books

If you don’t like writing, and drawing doesn’t seem relaxing enough, you can always choose to color . Right now there are an almost uncountable number of coloring books for sale, designed for adults. It is another of the most famous relaxation techniques of the moment, and they allow the person to concentrate so much on the drawing that they completely stop thinking about their problems.

Like all activities, they do not serve the same for everyone; The key is that you try it out , and you end up deciding on the hobby that best suits you.

4. Knit and sew

You may have always thought that knitting, or sewing, is something for older people. And no, nothing is further from the truth: it is an activity that will make your nerves disappear completely , and that will allow you to relax almost instantly. And this is suitable for everyone!

Knitting, sewing, cross stitch … Any of these activities will have the same effect on you, will abstract you and end up enchanting you.

5. Play sports, any kind of sport

Of all the possible hobbies, there is not one more satisfying than sport . Any kind of sport! Physical activity will cause your body to generate endorphins, make you feel better, and help you eliminate absolutely all stress.

You can try running, doing weights, entering any collective class, taking longer or shorter walks, dancing at home, practicing yoga … Anything goes! The key is that this becomes a moment for you, only for you. There is nothing better for relaxation than physical activity.

6. Enjoy nature

If you feel sad, dull, or simply not wanting to do anything, the best activity you can opt for is one that requires being in the middle of nature . Walk, run, or even get into the habit of having a picnic every Sunday. All this will help you eliminate the stress of the city and the daily rhythm.

7. Reading

Another activity that can be especially helpful to relax is reading. There are so many types of books, so many different genres, so many stories to read … that your tastes don’t matter! There will always be a book for you. Romanticism, youth, fantasy, science fiction, war, terror … Choose something, do some research on the internet, select a book, buy it and enjoy.

8. Cook

There are people whose nervousness automatically disappears when they decide to cook. It is entering the kitchen and disconnecting from the world, they begin to think only about what they have in hand and until they finish, they do not stop being focused only on that. And that is wonderful!

Nobody starts cooking as a specialist, so don’t worry if your dishes are not worthy of cook shows at first. Limit yourself to learning, enjoying and, above all, relaxing while you cook.

9. Have you tried the puzzles?

If none of the hobbies that we have mentioned before convince you, you can try the puzzles! This will make you relax, because it will require your full attention and will prevent you from thinking about any problem that surrounds you.

You can try it with normal puzzles, with rubik’s cubes, with 3D puzzles … There are thousands to choose from!

10. Calligraphy can be your new great passion

For the most daring , there are always different, more curious activities. One of the most famous lately is calligraphy (also known as lettering ), and it is not only relaxing and satisfying, but you could also end up taking advantage of it financially. You’ll have to get yourself a few tools before you start, yes, but it will be worth it! 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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