We live in a society in which the products we consume seem to have much more value than the functional value that we could give them at first glance . So, we can all dress, but we have many and different ways of doing it, so every time you go to a store and buy one type of clothing or another you are making a very important decision, not only based on your basic needs ( in this case dressing and protecting yourself from cold, heat and covering your body out of social necessity), but also thinking about how you want to be seen or what thoughts you can cause in others depending on the clothing you wear, whether you are fully aware of it or not.

Living in society it is normal that everything we carry, use or consume gives one image or another of ourselves. Non-verbal language is an essential part of our daily lives, although not everyone knows it . Your hairstyle, mobile phone, shoes or the job you have will be giving essential information about your person to those who have just met you or, simply, have passed you on the street. So, every minute detail describes your way of being , although it may not always be totally correct.

Advertising professionals know all these aspects of the society in which we live very well and have a series of techniques to determine how to get their product sold more. Before doing so, they always study their market , since perhaps what they sell is not designed for all audiences and, from there, they try to find what is the existing need in this group or what need can be created in order to be able to sell plus your product , compared to the competition.

There are many people who may believe that advertising has no effect on them. Not only can we see advertising on television, so not seeing it does not mean that we are not susceptible to it, we also have it on the radio, magazines, newspapers, on the Internet, the streets or the supermarket or the gym while you are shopping or doing sports . So we all hear and see these ads, consciously or unconsciously, and they have an effect on our purchasing decisions, as hard as some may admit.

Find out how advertising influences your purchasing decisions and how you have been able to decide between buying one product or another based on the ads you have seen or heard before.

Without us realizing

Surely it has happened to you on many occasions that you remember the song or the dialogues of an advertisement that you have never paid much attention to. This is because the creators of advertising are always looking for catchy and influential melodies or messages , so that you can retain them in your memory with ease.

In this way, when you go to the supermarket or the store to look for this product, or any other, the song or message of the catchy ad will come to mind and you are more likely to buy it or have a great influence on your decision. In addition, if there are offers in the supermarket or you are in a store near basic necessities, such as eggs or rice, which you usually buy, there are greater chances that you will buy the product that you saw in the advertisement.

The function of advertising, in this case, is to make the product they sell the first that comes to mind when you are in the store or in the supermarket when making the decision of what to buy. Depending on the product it is, it will be more or less difficult for advertising to achieve its objective, especially if you are loyal to a specific brand, but normally, the fact that you remember the song or the ad slogan will make you have a greater predisposition to try it if you see it during the purchase, especially if they have it on sale or it is on a clearly visible shelf.

Products designed just for you

In products such as clothing, footwear or technology, not only are the slogan or melody catchy, they also need to appeal to consumer sentiments . We currently have many items to choose from, so we need them to convey a message on their own. Thus, brands seek a very defined audience and want to make them see that they can demonstrate their personal characteristics, which makes them unique.

When you wear a piece of clothing, drive a car or use a mobile phone, you not only want it to fulfill its basic function, cover you from the cold, take you from one place to another or send messages or call, but you also want people to see that this product defines you and is perfect for you . This is where brands look for ambassadors and influencers, models or actors, who best reflect the social group to which the product is directed, in addition to creating a campaign that is perfect for this type of person. In this way, they will feel unique and believe that both the product and the brand have a mentality similar to theirs, transmitting to the rest of society the message of modernity, youth, creativity, etc., that they want.

If you notice, from now on, you are likely to be aware that many of these techniques (and others) are used by advertising professionals to appeal to your feelings and your “unconscious” by creating a need or enhancing one that you already have, so that from this moment on you can make one decision or another in the store when buying a product, whether you need it or not. Making it define you or make you feel better when making this specific purchase. No one is exempt from the effects and influence of advertising, but it is up to you to become aware of how much it affects you and how you make your decisions regarding your purchases. 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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