When we speak of a psychopath we refer to a person who suffers from psychopathy, that is, a psychopathic personality disorder , characterized by a low level of empathy towards others, as well as few regrets, an uninhibited character and antisocial behavior and aggressive towards other people.

On many occasions, psychopathy is confused with sociopathy, since the characteristics of both disorders are very similar, as is their behavior; But there is a clear difference between these: psychopaths are born with this characteristic , that is, it is a genetic predisposition , while sociopaths develop throughout their lives, which is the same, they are the result of environmental factors that affect them. influence throughout your life. To delve a little deeper into the subject and make psychopathy known, from Bekia we leave you a series of five curious facts that you probably did not know about psychopaths:

1. They have a reduced sense of smell : According to an Australian study, psychopaths in addition to having a very low level of empathy, being aggressive and antisocial, have a reduced sense of smell. This is due to a failure in the correct functioning of the brain, more specifically in the frontal area, where impulses are controlled, planning criteria are established and adaptation to social norms is favored.

2. They have a preference for certain foods: According to several Austrian researchers, people who suffer from psychopathy tend to prefer bitter foods , such as pure unsweetened coffee, dark and unsweetened chocolate, citrus fruits, beer, etc.

This occurs because your body does not reject the danger, nor does it provoke repulsion by this taste by identifying it as poison, in your case it identifies it as something pleasant and fun, instead of something dangerous or poisonous to our body, as it happens in normal people with bitter flavors.

3. They follow a pattern of words: After the demonstration of several scientists, it is known that a psychopath can use twice as many words related to food, money and sex , than a normal person. While they hardly use words related to family, religion, norms and any other type of social need.

4. They tend to choose certain professions and occupy high positions: According to a study carried out in Oxford, psychopaths tend to choose certain types of professions, among which we can find: police, surgeon, lawyer, heads of large companies, journalists or executives. To arrive at these charges they use manipulation , their charm, their ability to convince others, blackmail, lies, etc; in order to reach the top in the shortest time possible.

5. They like aggressive games : Generally, most psychopaths play online games in which aggressive activities are carried out, kill themselves, bullying is carried out , criminal acts are committed, etc. According to a study carried out in Canadian universities, most psychopaths spend a lot of time playing online or on social networks in an aggressive way , for the fact of feeling pleasure by hurting people, even if they are not real or in a virtual way .

What other curiosities about psychopaths exist?

Previously we have relied on the data that come from studies and research, those that have a way of being officially demonstrated, but there are many more curious facts about psychopaths, of which we can highlight:

– Psychopaths act thinking of the positive effects for themselves, that is, of the benefit of their actions. They do not act taking into account the negative effects they cause on others. This is one of the reasons why they are considered selfish people and lack the capacity for empathy with other people.

– It is almost impossible to convince a psychopath to see things differently from yours, they will always do what they want, be it ethical or not.

– People with this psychopathic disorder are often immune to contagious yawning, as they have a very low level of empathy or lack it.

– Most psychopaths show aggressive attitudes in childhood or adolescence with animals, with objects, cause fights and are not able to comply with the rules imposed, such as studying, collecting, bathing, etc.

– There are almost psychopathic people, who have behaviors very similar to psychopaths, they act selfishly, aggressively, without empathy, manipulate and lie, etc; but they do not go so far as to cause physical harm to people.

– They are very proud people, so they will never admit to having made a mistake or ask anyone for forgiveness; They will look for some way not to feel guilty and to get out of the situation unscathed.

– Psychopaths tend to have a lot of control over their emotions, they don’t tend to lose their nerves, they act calmly and have great verbal skills, even in the most stressful moments. 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

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