A relationship is healthy when the two people that make it up trust each other, respect each other, love each other , and know that both have an independent life with which they have to empathize. To achieve this, it is essential that there is good communication between the two, trust, love and respect.

The limits of the relationship are established by each of the members , these being different in each case, since each couple and each person are different. But what is important in all of them is that whatever the limits are requested, if they are accepted, they are respected.

However, having a healthy relationship does not imply that there are disagreements, anger, disagreements or arguments. What is certain is that couples who are closer together have more tools to deal with problems that may arise, and this makes them grow both personally and as a couple.

To delve a little deeper into the subject, we are going to leave below a series of habits, which according to a group of experts and specialists in psychology of couples, are carried out in healthy relationships and with a stronger and lasting love:

1. They compliment and speak positively of their partner in front of other people

When a person has a relationship based on trust, affection and respect, they speak in public in a positive way about their partner , saying for example how well they do certain things, talking about the good things they do, about the details what he has, what he likes about him. That is, without underestimating their abilities, without discrediting them, etc. Letting everyone see the love they have.

2. They keep thanking each other

A healthy couple lets the other person know the good things they have, what they like about them, congratulate them on their achievements, emphasize their positive characteristics, praise them and most importantly, they do not get used to it and continue to give them the thanks for the little details.

3. They spend a part of their time being together

In positive relationships, each person knows that the other has their private life, but that their relationship implies sharing a small part of it, without monopolizing their freedom. So they take time to be together , share small moments, enjoy their company, etc.

4. They make each other laugh and enjoy themselves together

A very important trait of a healthy couple is the time they spend enjoying each other, laughing, and having good times. As a general normal, laughter and enjoyment outweigh and is stronger than the problems they may have, which makes their discussions mild and they end up seeing them as something positive and beneficial for their relationship, taking advantage of them to learn and grow together.

5. They take into account the positive qualities

That is, they value their partner for the positive qualities that this pose, instead of continually recriminating the negative ones and trying to change him. They love each other both for the good things and for the defects, knowing these but respecting them in the same way.

6. They think of their partner and put themselves in their place

A person who has a healthy relationship shows empathy for his partner, puts himself in his place and acts taking into account his feelings and emotions, that is, he has a behavior of respect towards his partner even when he does not share his thoughts, actions, etc. . Thinking, reaching an agreement and having their well-being at the same level as their own, seeing themselves as equals.

7. They don’t let the monotony take over.

Another very important factor in a positive relationship is trying not to fall into the routine that is talked about so much. They do this by not stopping trying to make their partner fall in love, trying new things, flirting daily, telling each other how much they love each other, etc; to think of having years together.

8. Tasks are distributed equitably

Tasks and household chores are divided in a balanced way , each one doing their part to maintain both economically and socially everything they have achieved together and what they already had individually.

9. They are sincere with each other

The members of a healthy couple are honest and sincere with each other , saying things clearly and without hiding information, taking into account at all times the emotions of the other and being realistic.

10. They trust each other

A healthy relationship is based on trust, so it is very important that the couple trust each other, without being jealous of everything, without being hoarders and obsessive, giving each other space and freedom, respecting their privacy and trusting that neither will do anything to harm the other.

11. They are together in both the good and the bad.

They share both the moments of enjoyment and the bad ones, supporting and helping each other in all situations, even the most difficult ones. For example, in times of economic hardship or illness, they stick together and respect each other in every decision.

12. Both do their part to move the relationship forward

Unlike what many think, a relationship is not that each person has 50% of himself, a healthy relationship is molded so that the sum of both is 100%, that is, if your partner has a bad streak and does not He can give 50% and he only gives 30%, you make an effort and give 70%. All this up to a certain limit and without a single person having to constantly give everything, if not, for as long as possible in a balanced way.

13. Help each other grow individually

That is, without putting obstacles or complications to achieve the objectives, respecting their individual freedom, without making comparisons with other people, without judging themselves for their past, without criticizing themselves, without trying to dominate and change the other, etc.

14. They think and conceive a future together

People who have a healthy relationship, think and talk about their future, making long-term plans, devising their lives in a few years, etc. For example: they plan how their lives will be when they live in the same house, what their children will be called, what it will be like or how they will organize their wedding , what their old age will be like, etc.

In short, a healthy relationship is based on respect, trust, freedom, love, understanding, and dialogue. Achieving with all this that it is more durable, increasingly stronger, learning from each other and growing together. 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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