We all have the occasional insecurity, since we are aware that perfection does not exist . So, even if you think that there are people who are very sure of themselves, surely they doubt some factor of their physique or character, which will make them have moments of weakness, as everyone else has .

However, what is not so normal is having so many insecurities that they do not allow you to develop your day to day regularly. That means that your fears and your low self-confidence may make your romantic relationships , both with your partner and with friends or family , as well as professionals or studies , may be altered by this lack of confidence in yourself .

It is essential for an insecure person to learn to love and accept himself in order to achieve those goals that are desired in life, but also to be able to live happily and have healthy relationships with those people who love us and whom we also appreciate. Therefore, it is important to learn to determine what are those factors that could favor you to continue having insecurities and you can mitigate them, little by little, in order to build a stronger personality and capable of dealing with a greater type of situations without suffering in excess.

Bet on the people who encourage you to grow

The worst thing for an insecure person is hanging out with people who do not help them grow personally or emotionally . For this reason, we must bet on personal relationships with those people who believe in us, see our strengths and weaknesses and really want us to achieve our goals in life.

Those family members, friends or lovers who really appreciate you , will give you their sincere point of view and may tell you truths so crude that they hurt you at some point, but they will not try to sink you, on the contrary. Most likely, they want you to realize what your qualities are and recommend a more suitable path in order to meet your goals.

Try to avoid those people on whom you feel dependent, who do not want you to improve or highlight your positive aspects or those who are negative and do nothing to improve their life, since they could transmit this constant bad energy , which would also affect bad for your own self-esteem.

Learn from mistakes

It is normal that if you are an insecure person and have made the odd mistake you feel a little down. However, you must understand that errors are not irreversible failures , but thanks to this lack of calculation it is likely that you have tried a new experience and, perhaps, it did not turn out well or in the way you wanted. If you had not tried, you could not have failed either and in this life, if you want to achieve new results, you must perform different actions , even if we are wrong.

Therefore, the mistakes that we can make throughout our existence do not define us and achievements cannot be achieved if we act from fear and insecurity . Entering this circle is dangerous , because if things are stopped for fear of making mistakes, fewer and fewer new actions will be performed, insecurities will increase, and this person’s life will become increasingly monotonous, repetitive and without new stimuli.

Do not idealize anyone or compare yourself with others

Something quite toxic that an insecure person usually does is idealize those who are in a way or have achieved things which we would also like to have or be who they are , both physically and psychologically, without distinction. It is good that we have references and that we want success, but we must be aware that no one is perfect and that each one has lived a different path to get where they are at this moment, experiencing different circumstances that perhaps we do not know.

In addition, today the networks greatly modify both the physical image and the experiences of many of the characters that appear in them , so we do not have a real image of what their life is really like . We can use these references to motivate ourselves and want to achieve our goals , but these achievements will be different from those of the person we admire, because each of us is unique and we must learn from our lives to love and accept ourselves as we are.

Surrounding ourselves with people who love and accept us , who push us to achieve our goals and achieve the best version of ourselves , valuing previous experiences and learning and the courage of our mistakes , in addition to having models that motivate us will make us build a stronger self-esteem, putting aside, little by little, the insecurities that have been with us for so long.

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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