Is there really the crisis of 40?

Throughout our lives we live different stages. When we are babies we move into childhood and from there to preadolescence and adolescence . These different states of our life are very important to us and many changes take place in them. Our body and mind are constantly evolving and we learn to progress and love ourselves in such a way that we accept ourselves as we are and how the people around us are. The roles of our parents, direct family members and friends are key in order to help us progress and define our character, tastes and hobbies.

However, we do not stop going through different stages after adolescence. Many people believe that, once we reach adulthood, that is, eighteen, we no longer go through any of these changes that we have suffered so often before and how significant they have been in our lives. There are many stages that you will surely live from the age of twenty , so the adult stage is not always a constant process until old age, nor with the arrival of the third age at 60 or 65 years, but you will notice many changes and an evolution in your person throughout this period of time.

So, it is possible that from twenty to thirty you go through one of these changes and that you begin to become aware of things that perhaps before you did not value so much you did not give greater importance. For example, it will be during this period of time that you consider what you want to study, perhaps change your mind about your studies and decide what you want to dedicate yourself to. Finding a suitable job for you may not be as easy as you imagined as a child, so it may be a crucial moment in your life.

Also during this stage and throughout your thirties it is normal that you have some other stable partner, have children or even marry. Even if you do not go through the altar or have children, most of your friends and direct family members (if they are of similar age to yours) will, so it will be a moment in which you will begin to consider all these aspects of life and you may decide if this is the right moment for you.

For this reason, when you are 40 years old, a turning point may be generated in your life, since it will be the moment when you realize that you may no longer be as young as you imagined, you are at the epicenter of adult life and you start looking back, to be able to take stock to plan for the future . Thus, many people feel that when they reach this age something changes in themselves, it is the so-called crisis of 40 and, although it has not happened to many other people, it is much more common than it seems.

Find out if the crisis of 40 really exists, why it could happen and how you can cope with it in the event that you are going to reach this age soon or you know someone who is about to reach them, or who has been able to go through this crisis.

Is there really the crisis of 40?

The crisis of 40 is known as that moment of people, between 39 and 49 years old who are going through a more complicated moment in their life and can begin to perform actions that they had not done before, perhaps to feel younger or alive , since they can suddenly feel like they have not experienced many things during their youth and, when they are 40, they suddenly feel like adults, wanting to make up for lost time.

However, there is no scientific study to certify this existential crisis. Thus, the crisis of 40 is something that is generated because of the expectations that society places on what we must achieve in life before reaching this age or expectations that we place on ourselves. That is to say, those who feel completely satisfied with their life at the time of the arrival of quarantine, it is most likely that they will not suffer the crisis of 40 .

Although it is a moment that for many may be overlooked for some, it may be a crucial moment in the lives of others. When reaching a decimal number, as with the arrival of twenty, thirty, fifty or sixty, the arrival of forty can be the moment in which one wonders if he has achieved what is socially expected of him: how have children, get married or the job, the house or the car you want. For this reason, it is normal that if one of these things has not been achieved, one can consider many things with the arrival of this birthday. However, you should think that it is one more anniversary and that any moment is a good time to get what you want. The crisis of 40 is then one more stage of life, which some may suffer either after this age or sooner or later, being aware that only they can change their present and be happy as they deserve.

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