Although it may be difficult for us to believe, stress is a natural response of our body so necessary and useful that it has allowed us to survive as a species and that ultimately allows our daily existence. Now, it is true that our world is very different from that of our ancestors.

Stress was and is useful when there is an unforeseen event, we are faced with something very important … in short, when it comes to something specific. Our body reacts by prioritizing our vital organs, our attention sharpens and our thinking accelerates to find the solution. In this way we are able to give quick and accurate answers that help us to move forward. However, if this response is maintained for a long time, the body is physically and mentally exhausted and we end up feeling bad.

If you are in this phase of exhaustion in which stress can handle you, you are surely wondering what to do. Well, the first thing of all is to stop weighing and reflect on what is the best option to cope with the situation.

Should I change my life?

It usually happens with questions so broad that the answer is not an absolute yes or no. As we pointed out, stress arises from life events so it is intimately linked to our lifestyle .

The way we live , which has been shaped and consolidated over time, is something that depends on many factors. Each one has their own way of leading their work, family and social life . This within the closest sphere, if we go further, society as a whole also affects us and changes us in different ways. There are people to whom the political situation causes a lot of stress while others are more concerned with endangered species.

Thinking about changing your life, if we see it from this perspective is very difficult. Taking the example of stress at work, not everyone can decide to quit their job and look for another, or change their boss because they see that this is their problem. Then it would be necessary to look for another alternative.

Should I get over stress?

As with the previous question, it is difficult to answer. It depends on what we understand by overcoming stress.

Many people when they consider that they must overcome stress or anxiety set the goal of controlling it . Taking into account that stress often arises from trying to control situations or events that we cannot control, trying to do so means adding fuel to the fire.

Should I resign myself?

This question is already easier: absolutely not. Stress is real and something that affects you and that in the long run has been shown to cause significant health problems. Stress can be overcome, but what can never be our goal is to eliminate it . It is not a possible solution, because as we mentioned at the beginning it is inherent to life.

As a consequence of not being able to eliminate it, to overcome stress the first thing we must do is accept it. Assuming that it is a part of life that, although it can be annoying at times, is there and we must learn to live with it .

You cannot change your life to get rid of it, but you can adjust it according to your circumstances. Simple guidelines for reacting to stress in a healthier way include the following:

1. Get enough rest. It may seem silly but without a good rest everything else is more likely to fall apart. Rest includes both enough hours of sleep and finding a moment of enjoyment that allows us to disconnect from daily obligations.

2. Eat well. I do not know about being aware of eating only healthy things all the time, but about maintaining a balanced diet (including whims from time to time). Eating 3 to 5 meals a day and staying hydrated is essential to cope with difficulties.

3. Find some life of escape or relaxation . There are many relaxation techniques that will help regulate the physiological disturbances that stress entails. Each is best suited to a type of relaxation from enjoying a bath to meditation.

4. You don’t need to always be worried . We should not and cannot control everything. This usually happens because we have a tendency to constantly think ahead. We try to anticipate everything that can happen but it is something impossible that can do us more good than bad. Focus on the present and the things that really matter.

5. Have a little fun . In relation to the above, sometimes we worry so much that we forget to dedicate time to leisure. Our free time from work is a very important source of well-being. It is very useful to complete it with sports and share it with our loved ones. 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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