It is normal that, during certain moments if you are single, this condition becomes a little more difficult and you would like to have a partner. For example, during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, specific dates such as your birthday or events in which people are usually accompanied by the person they love, be it a wedding or a work dinner. Be that as it may, the single person should not aspire to find a partner in order to feel better when attending these types of celebrations, but because they can really share their life with someone special and add to it in every way, so if you feel down In these situations, it may be because you are not quite right with yourself .

Single again

You may have been single again for a short time. It may be after a long relationship or after a divorce, more or less complicated, or you may not find the right person and this is one more failed relationship to add to the list. The most normal thing is that, after the breakup, you feel down , especially because you may have imagined your life with this person, you would have made long-term plans and now, maybe suddenly if you have not decided to end it yourself. relationship or you did not imagine that this was going to happen, you should change all these plans at once and adapt them to your new single status.

Finding yourself without a partner does not have to be a negative thing . You must bear in mind that many people who are in a relationship in which they are not happy, would aspire to have the single status that you just achieved. This does not mean that it is a better option than having a partner, but if you are not comfortable with the person next to you, the most convenient thing is to end the relationship , enjoy some time for yourself and later, when you feel ready and find to the right person, start another new love experience.

Enjoy being single

So, if you find yourself single again, the best thing is that you do not decay. It is normal that the first days after the breakup you are a little sad. At those times, it would be convenient for you to lean on the people who love you so as not to feel worse. That is, your friends and family will listen to you and encourage you to go out and have a good time, so that you are not thinking all the time about why the relationship has ended or that you wonder what may have caused the breakup.

The best thing is that you look to the future. The fact of being single again can be a great opportunity to achieve what you may not have had time to fight for during your relationship or to enjoy your free time more doing what you want. When you are in a marriage or in a stable relationship, it is normal to have family commitments and with friends that you may no longer have. Therefore, it is the ideal time for you to focus on yourself and begin to determine what hobbies you would like to resume or start, because this is your moment of happiness.

Don’t be obsessed with finding a partner

Life surprises us on many occasions and you may not expect to be single right now. However, you must see the positive side of every situation that happens to you and learn that the best way to be happy is by accepting yourself and trying to improve every day. Therefore, you should enjoy being single doing what you like the most and taking advantage of the extra time that you did not have in the past. Only if you feel good about yourself can you project a positive image of happiness and security , making the right person notice you and you can have a healthy, sincere and stable relationship.

However, you shouldn’t be obsessed with finding a new partner. Remember that if you feel good about yourself, love will seem positive to you, that is, you will not need a person by your side because you do not feel complete at all times, but you will look for someone to bring you an extra happiness and make you feel better, making it possible for you to share with this person what you like to do the most and your time, without having the feeling that it is an obligation , or being dependent to the point that you cannot imagine your life without or without him or her. One should feel complete and happy with oneself at all times, both when you have a partner and when you are single, that is why it is during singleness that you must learn to love and accept yourself, in order to give the best of yourself during your next relationship, when you arrive, without rushing and enjoying happiness of his bachelor status as he deserves. 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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