Not every day is good , not every day there is enough motivation to complete all the tasks that lie ahead and, despite everything, that is not a negative thing. The belief that human beings should always be one hundred percent only frustrates us, believing that if we are not happy it is always our fault. And anything farter from the reality! We all have days when the sun doesn’t quite come out, because we are all human and, as such, we can have lows . We should not blame ourselves for wanting to cry one day, or for not being able to give our all.

Beyond that, it is true that there are certain techniques that can make those days when motivation disappears completely start to shine a little more. One of the most used, even though there are those who believe that it does not work, is to look for positive thoughts, motivational phrases, that pull us forward . Yes, there are those who believe that these motivational phrases are nothing more than positivist inventions that do not conform to reality and that do not contribute anything … But the truth is that they can be very helpful! Maybe not those phrases that decontextualizeabsolutely everything, and that they talk about “if you want, you can” (because not whenever you want something you can get it; being positive does not imply being utopian), but those that make you understand that if one day is gray nothing happens, because tomorrow the sun will rise again.

There are motivational phrases that can help

Positive thoughts end up penetrating our interior, pushing us to believe . That is why it is important that, on days when motivation is scarce, we surround ourselves with them so that we can feel better. If you find yourself in one of those days, from Bekia Psicología we have wanted to give you a small gift by collecting some of those phrases that keep positive thoughts that you should not ignore or consider a utopian hoax. Famous phrases that will make you rethink your way of seeing life, and that will allow you to reflect on your day to day.

Hellen Keller was born in 1880, and it took her very little time to become a famous writer, speaker, and politician. To all this we must add that her personal situation was not the most ideal, since she was deafblind. Despite everything, she always fought to achieve what she set out to do, knowing her strengths and weaknesses. She was the one who pointed out that ” when one door of happiness closes, another opens. But often we look at the closed door so much that we are not able to see the door that has opened in front of us .” And this is one of the biggest mistakes of human beings: not knowing how to adapt to circumstances and understand that, despite wanting something that is impossible, sometimes it is better to stop hitting a wall andsee the different possibilities that are around.

” Do what you can, with what you have, where you are, ” urged everyone who wanted to listen to Theodore Roosevelt , the twenty-sixth president of the United States. It may seem like a phrase that moves away from transmitting positive thoughts, but the truth is that this is one of the quotes that can convey the most motivation: it goes beyond making people see that if they want something they can get it; it pushes them to fight to achieve what they set out to do, but always taking into account their own capacities, their context and their situation . Without this contextualization, without taking into account that each person has different qualities, people are not being motivated but pushing them to unequivocal frustration .

Positive thoughts, yes, but realistic!

Carlos Cuahutemoc Sánchez , a Mexican writer, said in this regard that ” the best way to grow is by falling down, and the most useful way to help someone is only by accompanying them while they get up .” It continues in the line that we have wanted to convey so far: mistakes are not bad per se, despite the fact that they can be very harmful at times and make us suffer, because thanks to them we can learn things. But it is necessary for each one to learn , individually, from all their mistakes and falls.

Les Brown , a famous American writer, once said that you must accept ” responsibility for your life. Realize that you are the one who is going to get where you want to go, no one else .” There is no more positive and motivational phrase than this, for all that it implies: you are the owner of your life and, although you must abide by circumstances that you cannot always control, you should not let anyone decide for you. It is important to know how to navigate taking advantage of the current, and to vary, adapting to it . Oprah Winfrey wanted to convey something similar , pointing out that her philosophy is that ” not only are you responsible for your life, but by doing our best right now, we put ourselves in the best place for the next moment .”

There are tens of thousands of motivational phrases and positive thoughts that, after a little analysis, end up being nothing. Because many of them are only useful on paper, while there are others that can really end up being put into practice , like the ones we have left you before. There are others that, no matter how bombastic and positive they may sound, cannot be put into practice in any way. For example, one of the most famous of Walt Disney: ” all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them .” This phrase is true only to a certain extent; yes it is true thatIf you don’t pursue your dreams, there will be no way to find out whether or not you can achieve them. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try to achieve a dream, it will continue to be unattainable , because we must always be realistic and not forget in what context we are dealing with that vital point.

The key to having useful positive thoughts is always knowing how to adjust them to our reality. And, as Arthur Rubinstein said, ” I have discovered that if you love life, life will love you back .” 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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