A productive person is not one who jumps out of bed because he is late or who presses the snooze button several times … most likely he has nocturnal habits that help him prepare for a morning and a day whole success. If you want to wake up rested and energetic so you can enjoy your day, then don’t miss out on these nighttime habits that will change your day.

1. Unplug to recharge

Even if you love looking at your Facebook before going to bed, it’s time to stop. At least 30 minutes before going to bed, turn off all your devices to allow your mind to relax and unwind. You may notice the inevitable side effect of feeling more present to enjoy the final moments of your day.

2. Stretch your body

Take some time to give your muscles and joints some love! They work hard for you all day and deserve a little stretching every night. Try some overhead stretches, chest stretches, and hamstring stretches. And don’t forget to open your hips! Preventing physical stress on the body also helps keep mental stress at bay .

3. Prepare for the morning after

Take your time the night before to choose and design your wardrobe for the next day. Pack your things and don’t forget to have a healthy lunch too. Being prepared the night before will make your mornings easier and less stressful, so you will have a little time to relax in your day.

4. Make a list of your “big three things”

Find a few minutes to write down the top three things you want to accomplish in the morning. Think of achievable things that help you boost productivity. Think for example of things like: “have more patience” instead of “meet Brad Pitt and marry him.” This will give you a sense of accomplishment and help you feel successful throughout the day.

5. Prioritize time for yourself

Have 20 minutes for yourself to relax your mind before going to sleep . Whether it’s a shower or bath with dim lights or reading a book that makes you feel good, what matters is that you have a little time for yourself and that you celebrate that the next day will be a day of success and good vibes.

6. Practice gratitude

Avoid the usual plot of repeating negative events or encounters from your day over and over at night. When you’re tired, your brain tends to find things to worry about simply because of your conditioning. Reprogram your mind by looking for five minutes to meditate on the things you are grateful for. You will find yourself sleeping feeling content and abundant, which will help you have better dreams and rest more and better.

7. Forgive and forget

Keep a journal by your bedside and take a few minutes each night so you can write things that get out of your mind and make you feel better. This can be a fantastic mental release as you practice forgiving those who have challenged you throughout the day. It is also essential to your well-being that you forgive yourself for any mistakes or mishaps so that you can start over the next day feeling great about yourself. Write all this on the pages of your journal and sleep without having to stir negative thoughts.

8. Go to sleep at a reasonable time

Set an early, non-negotiable bedtime for optimal sleep. Resting all night (7-9 hours) will give your body and mind time to relax enough. It can help regulate your hormones, recharge your body, and refresh your mind. A good night’s sleep is one of the best and most scientifically proven ways to improve mood, energy, and productivity. 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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