The use of social networks has become normal in the life of any person. If you notice, everyone publishes the best photos on their networks, nobody shows the most negative parts of their lives, because that, nobody likes to know and also, nobody likes to share their bad experiences. People share their experiences and who does not publish, see what others do.

Social networks were created to keep in touch and keep up to date with the lives of friends even if they were far away, but now it is also used to see the lives of other people who do not know each other, even celebrities. It is important that you learn to avoid the negative effects of social networks in your life, to avoid problems in your emotions.

Social networks

Most people have Snapchat, Instagram , Facebook, Twitter, and sometimes even more social media accounts that they also use regularly. However, few seem to realize the big problem caused by this: people compare themselves with what they see on the accounts of friends and celebrities. It seems that some people even get obsessed with what others post.

It has become a pandemic where people post candid photos all the time, but never post photos that reveal what their life is really like. However, we compare ourselves to the facade that we see on the social media accounts of others … Even knowing that it is not something totally real.

Publications and comparisons

It’s crucial to think about posting this way: some people post to share memories and good times, while others post to get likes and feel special, and others post to show off. Nobody publishes the bad things in life. Everyone wants to be seen as perfect, desirable and attractive, and to give the appearance that bad things do not happen in their life. However, we still compare ourselves to these posts and feel bad about ourselves in the end. This actually makes little sense, but it does happen.

We need to stop comparing ourselves to these posts, be grateful for what we have in life, and see our worth. Many people feel that its value diminishes because it does not resemble the lives of others, but this should never happen to you again.

What you see is the only thing that matters on social media

Comparing how you look to other people on social media is a dangerous game, especially when you compare yourself to celebrities. A good thing to remember is that most of the time, images of celebrities or “influencers” are retouched or have professionals doing their hair and makeup before capturing the image.

People are already full of insecurities because of the media, but once you start comparing yourself to what you see, you will start to see a lot more ‘flaws’ in you because you will be comparing yourself to others.  Even if you are looking at the latest bikini photo of your friend , you should not compare yourself because all you are doing is mentally damaging yourself by creating new insecurities that you should not have.

Essena O’Neill

Maybe you have never heard that name, or maybe you have and you have seen it on social networks, but she has made a difference about what we are talking about right now. She is a woman who showed the truth about social networks . She was an Instagram model who was very successful, but decided to reveal what went on behind the scenes when it came to the world of being an Instagram model. She wanted to expose the pressure and reality behind all of her photos, so she changed all of her captions on her candid photos to say what was really going on behind “the pretty picture.”

Some of the texts were about how she got someone to take hundreds of photos of her sitting on the beach because she wanted to make sure her stomach and her entire body looked perfect. Other texts he related told the story of how he did not eat during filming to make sure he looked perfect, or how he was paid to show his body in a sexual way for an advertisement. She revealed that she shouldn’t be admired by other women because she looked that way and was sexy and beautiful. She commented that she had good genetics but that she hated all the people who only admired her for her beautiful photos, because behind each image there is always a story that is not told and that is usually quite sad.

She got tired of being idolized by countless women who wanted to look like her, wear the same clothes she was paid to wear, and who thought her life was so glamorous. She was done living a life that was a lie, a life where she could never enjoy the beach, but just had to sit there and look sexy.

What Essena O’Neill did was brave, and it was also a big step for women because she decided that she didn’t want to be liked for her looks, she didn’t want to be that way any longer, and she didn’t want to be seen as a sexual object . She revealed the reality of what goes on behind every photo you compare yourself to.

Do not compare yourself with the images published on social networks, and you certainly should not compare your life with what others publish: nobody posts the bad, only the good, and it is not worth the time and energy spent comparing yourself with those photos. The key to life is to enjoy it, live in the present and do not compare your life with what others say they have. Start to feel free to be happy without having to compare yourself with the social networks of others, and if you can’t help it … you will always have the option to digitally detox for a while to be able to realize that there is much more life when you are not constantly looking at it. a mobile , tablet or computer screen . Enjoy your life even if it is imperfect!

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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