Narcissism, also called narcissistic personality disorder , is one by which people attribute an excessive importance to themselves, value themselves above others and feel superior to them, that is , it is similar to egocentricity . In addition, they often need excessive attention and even admiration, something that can lead to not feeling empathy for other people .

However, it should not be forgotten that a disorder is not a good thing, even though it may seem that it is not a very negative thing . Narcissism is linked to personality and this can cause problems with your life and with your relationship with other people. It may even be that behind this problem there is a lack of self-esteem or other derived problems. Here are the possible causes , types and symptoms of narcissism.

What are the characteristics of a narcissistic person?

At first, it can be somewhat difficult to detect if a person is narcissistic, since it is linked to their personality and character . However, looking at a series of details, it is likely that we link it to this disorder.

A narcissistic person has a lot of self-confidence , but at a level that is not healthy , that is, of feeling superior to others, only talking about himself to always be the center of attention , as with self-centeredness. This person will want to talk about all their accomplishments and successes to impress others. Therefore, a narcissistic person is characterized by needing that constant and, at the same time, excessive admiration . In addition, he also has the desire that the rest of the people around him recognize that superiority.

In this type of people you will notice that among their usual themes are success, power, perfection, brilliance … So they will be continuously talking about it, exaggerating achievements and talents . In addition, it will monopolize all the prominence, even going so far as to make monologues without allowing the rest to intervene in the conversation .

Among the other characteristics of a narcissistic person we also find that they seek to be done favors because they believe they are superior , taking advantage of favors, believing that others are envious of them . In general, for others they can become arrogant , conceited, etc. All this, as we have said, is linked to the personality, so that at the same time they will present other characteristics, such as being easily offended , not regulating emotions and behavior, becoming depressed when they do not reach perfection, showing insecurity, shame or vulnerability.

Causes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

It is very difficult to talk about specific causes when we refer to personality disorders and mental ones. However, it is true that narcissism can be derived from problems with the environment , such as relationships between parents and children , with a partner or friends.

They can also negatively affect making a lot of criticism when you are a child or showing an excess of self-centeredness towards that person. And it is that, the lack of self-esteem that the person has and the constant need that they feel for others to approve of them, to be enough for the rest , is also a cause .

Different types of narcissism

This disorder, narcissism, can manifest itself in different types of intensity . In this way, the higher that degree, the more we can say that you are approaching a mental disorder . However, in addition to the intensity in which it develops , there are also differences in the way the disease develops .

For example, we can speak of a dependent narcissism , that is, when the person needs the people around him to treat him with superiority and to be aware of him all the time , since by himself he has not managed to become who he wanted . So you want to compensate for that with validation from others. We also find another different profile, that of a powerful person who feels a constant need to impose himself on the rest , that is, to demonstrate superiority and enjoy seeing how others are inferior . Again, similar traits with egocentricity.

Among the different types we find the one that only focuses on the body , that is, the person is only concerned with projecting a perfect body image to others. With this, you feel the need for people to see it and convey it to you with compliments and compliments .

Among the other profiles that we can distinguish is the narcissist who believes that they can improve and transform the lives of others or the one who tries to deceive others always thinking of their own benefit , so they can even present psychopathic characteristics .

Consultation, prevention for this disorder

This disorder is very difficult for the person himself to detect , since he will rarely believe that he has a personality problem. In fact, in case they find out something is wrong, they often take refuge in alcohol or drugs . Therefore, it is important that the people around you pay special attention to your behavior for a long time. In this way, if you can recognize some of the symptoms or characteristics, you should recommend that the person see a professional doctor to consider whether they may be narcissistic.

In any case, in no case should we anticipate and think that we are facing a narcissistic person, since in certain stages those characteristics of the disorder can be shown , but they really are not and are typical of age, for example. However, if it is convenient to treat and remedy narcissism , since otherwise it can lead to other complications and problems in your life. For example, the most common are problems with a partner, with the family, at school or at work . But they can also be problems with eating, health, self-harm or alcoholic beverages.

Finally, we want to point out that these people have to be helped by a professional , who is the one who will have to indicate what type of treatment to follow . But if you meet someone with this disorder, you should try not to take their criticisms seriously or negatively , since they are not reasoned, but it is not advisable that you try to confront or oppose them, because they are not realizing that they are. doing wrong and that will make you acquire a greater attitude of greatness and arrogance.  

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