Every time we go to sleep we enter the dream world of dreams. A world in which everything is possible, including nightmares, but we can also dream of achieving goals, we can dream of a loved one or that we are in a remote place. Dreams have always fascinated man since time immemorial. Sometimes they were related to premonitions, they have also been objects of multiple interpretations, they have even come to think that they were the representations of our worst fears . But what we do know is that dreams put us in direct contact with our mind, with our unconscious, revealing hidden and deeply rooted aspects of ourselves that we do not consciously perceive.

From this comes the explanation of dreams, that is, to analyze dreams not as premonitions, but as archetypes of thought that express a feeling, an emotion or an idea that are not consciously seen in waking. Dreams are something so highly personal that only we ourselves can decipher, but there are also some “tools” that can help us interpret our thoughts anchored in the unconscious. There are a large number of books called “dream dictionary” in which they interpret the most common dreams that almost all of us have experienced at some point in our lives.

If you also want to know what meaning a certain dream has in your life , keep reading this article and you will be able to decipher what remains unconsciously rooted in you .

Common and recurring dreams

Surely it has also happened to you that you are experiencing a beautiful dream and that when you wake up you no longer remember, doesn’t it make you very angry? . That is the most normal, it is due to the amount of worries that we have in our head . It is also related to having bad sleep habits, that is, not having a set sleep schedule, sleeping little, going to bed right after eating, etc.

But also, surely you have experienced more than once that your teeth were falling out, that you fell or dreaming that you could fly. These are the so-called common and recurring dreams, dreams that most people experience several times throughout their life. Some of them can be wonderful, dreaming that we fly is amazing! But others can also be quite distressing. They all have something in common, and that is that they are easily analyzable and they all contain information about ourselves.

What are the most common dreams? we have found the following:

    • Dreaming that you can fly: Without a doubt, one of the most common dreams. Dreaming that you can fly can be interpreted with the desire we have to get out of a difficult situation. Flying represents the liberation of our body. It is a dream associated with a positive future , it can be analyzed as that we have in our reach all the tools to move forward and get ahead.
    • Dreaming that you fall: Surely more than once you have wondered what is the meaning of dreaming that you fall into the void. It is a dream that is associated with a period of anxiety , difficulties and tensions . We dream that we fall into the void when we are going through a situation from which we do not know how to get out.
    • Dreaming that your teeth fall out: Dreaming that your teeth fall out is one of the most distressing dreams, but also one of the most recurrent. Its meaning can lead us to interpret it as a difficulty that we are going through but do not want to face. The teeth represent strength, and the fall the weakness . Our unconscious can tell us that we have to face our fears. It is convenient that you analyze what it is that is tormenting you.
    • Dreaming that you are naked or scantily clad in public: The first thing we should know is that the meaning of this dream has no erotic or sexual interpretation, it represents the fear that others will see us as we are, discover our most intimate side. This dream makes us see our insecurities to show ourselves as we are. When we dream that we are naked or scantily clad in public, it may be that we are keeping a secret or important news and we should not tell it at any time.
    • Dreaming of being chased: When you dream of being chased, it automatically seems that you are in a police movie. Its meaning may be that you are experiencing a situation from which you wish to escape. If in the dream you manage to flee, it represents that you have found or that you have the means to get out of there at your fingertips . If, on the contrary, they manage to catch us, its meaning may be that we still need to do more to get out of that situation.
    • Dreaming that you were late for an appointment: This dream reflects a concern or anguish about missed opportunities. We have to assess the context and the people who appear in it to analyze it correctly . It may also be that you have a meeting or interview very soon and you find yourself unable to overcome it.
    • Dreaming of an exam: Everyone at some point has dreamed of an exam. The meaning of this dream may be the need we have to control any facet of our life. But also, dreaming of an exam can be the evaluation that we have to make of our abilities.
    • Dreaming of money: This dream can have different interpretations. On the one hand, if we dream of bills, they represent our self-esteem. On the other hand, dreaming of coins or money in motion, can be interpreted with changes that are going to happen imminently in our life or that we want to happen.
  • Dreaming of the death of a loved one: This is the worst dream we can experience, possibly we wake up in distress or crying. But don’t worry, it’s not a paranormal premonition. In some cultures, dreaming of the death of a loved one bodes well. It is associated with a great change in the family.

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