We live in a society where everything happens very quickly . We all want to continue learning, we dedicate many hours to work, but we also want to enjoy family and our free time , which sometimes gives us the feeling that the days are too short and that we cannot carry out all the actions that we would like. This can generate a very high state of tension , causing us to suffer episodes of stress and anxiety, increasingly common in people of all ages and around the world.

Therefore, we must be aware that our health is the most important thing . It is good that we want to do things, but we should not cover more than we can actually do. In addition, it will be convenient for us to learn different formulas in order to be able to deal with this tension , since in the long run it could bring us both physical and mental health problems, which would totally prevent us from being able to carry out all those actions that we have wanted to do.

In cases where the level of stress and anxiety is very high, it will be advisable to visit a mental health professional , such as a psychologist or a psychiatrist depending on the specific case. Only they will be able to determine the best therapy for you to learn to control anxiety and stress and to lead the serene and happy life that you deserve.

Mandala therapy may be recommended . These drawings have thousands of years of history and have been used in Eastern religions to help monks meditate and control their emotions. Find out what mandala therapy consists of and try it at home to determine if it is a good way for you to control your nerves and learn to lead a calmer life, as you deserve.

What is mandala therapy

Buddhism and Hinduism are religions that are practiced in South Asia and that usually have at their base a great awareness of the individual in the universe . For this reason, they seek with relaxation and meditation to reach a state of serenity, nirvana, which will help them reach inner peace, the basis of happiness, and the well-being of the human being with himself and with the rest of the world. Interaction with nature, respect and empathy are key in both religions, having afterwards many differences between them that mean that they are not practiced with the same assiduity in one or other Asian countries.

This intention of wanting to be an active part of the universe, the center of the personality , is also reflected in the creation of circular drawings that represent both the micro and the macrocosm. These shapes create geometric figures inside that, being small and similar in shape, generate great relaxation in the person who is coloring them. To do this, you must concentrate on what you are doing and try not to get out of the lines. So, while painting the mandalas, the person does not have time to think about other things, he is concentrating all his thought on this action, which helps him to achieve that relaxation that Buddhists crave so much, for example, Buddhists in their moment of relaxation, preventing other thoughts from hindering this process towards the aforementioned nirvana.

Even if you do not agree with these religions or have your own beliefs, this does not mean that you cannot use this ancient technique in order to benefit from its properties . Thus, by painting mandalas you can find that tranquility that you crave and that, perhaps, your busy life does not allow you to achieve. There are a great variety of mandala drawings, so they do not have to be the classic circular shapes. You can find them in the shapes of animals, famous people, still lifes or whatever you like the most. Simply take some time to find the mandala that is closest to your own tastes and try to color it in a quiet environment, dedicating the time you consider necessary, without haste, and becoming aware of each of the pieces of it that you are painting, changing colors, without an established pattern, and enjoying the process without thinking about anything other than enjoying the artistic moment, no matter how much you have not been never very plastic arts.

For children with attention problems it is also recommended to try to paint mandalas. In the background you can have classical or relaxing music, which helps you not to think and focus on the coloring process. Once finished, the mandala can give you great pride . The fact of being made up of small parts, colored with very different colors, usually makes them forms of great beauty, so it is most likely that you feel very proud of your work, which will not have cost you a great effort when creating it. , and that it will have helped you to concentrate, avoid recurring negative thoughts, reduce stress and, also, at a very low economic cost. Try therapy of the mandalas and discover if this ancient method of relaxation is a good ally for you or yours. 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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