In the day to day it is impossible not to have certain negative thoughts of the type; Will I get that job? Will I pass the exam? Will I solve the problem with my friend? Will I achieve my goals? What if i don’t get it? All these types of questions are totally normal , since human beings by nature have insecurities and fears . So far everything works correctly. When those thoughts are already the ones that dominate the day to day is when something does not work quite right. That is, it is normal to have negative thoughts, as well as positive ones, what is not good is that those negative thoughts are the ones that dominate your life , your day to day.

When this happens, a problem appears; limiting thoughts , since they are the ones that do not allow you to lead a normal life . When these thoughts are more than positive, you have to ask for help to be able to eliminate them at the root and educate the thoughts in such a way that they do not monopolize any bad thoughts . It must be borne in mind that these limiting thoughts are the ones that prevent us from moving forward in life, the ones that put obstacles. Also, what is true about them? Why does a person always stay with the bad instead of the good?

A curious case …

We will go back to May 1954 when Roger Banister became the first athlete to run a mile in 3 minutes , thus breaking a record that had been tried to break for more than 100 years . This event attracted the attention of the media around the world because something amazing had happened . Doctors and scientists themselves said that achieving this goal was humanly impossible since it could cause a person’s heart to explode, bones to break and muscles to tear from the effort produced.

Well, in the span of 7 months after this feat occurred, another 37 athletes managed to break that barrier as well, and in the following three years, some 300 more people did. Now comes the question of all this, why was it impossible to achieve it long ago and once a single person breaks with the established schemes, the rest of the people can also achieve it? The answer is very simple; limiting thoughts . This case can be applied to a multitude of day-to-day things, so controlling those thoughts can make it possible to achieve the established objectives, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Limiting thoughts

Limiting thoughts are the little internal voices that unfoundedly convince you that you cannot be or achieve certain things. These limiting thoughts can turn life into a real hell , so it is vitally important to recognize them to put into practice techniques to be able to eliminate them and never reappear. Every time you have these types of negative thoughts, everything becomes darker and anxiety and depression can appear , even mood swings and irritability.

So to speak, we must educate those thoughts so that they do not serve as a barrier to achieving what we really want to achieve. The world is a reflection of what you think and those emotions such as being happy, stressed, pessimistic are those that condition the common things in life such as going to work. We must reverse these thoughts as positive since we depend in part on our emotions for our daily life. Those limiting thoughts seem like absolute truths that is why the brain processes them as a limitation, as something impossible that can happen. Depending on the thoughts you have, you can live one way or another.

How to curb limiting thoughts

When you have these types of negative thoughts, what you have to do is turn around what is happening, that is, ask ourselves if what we are saying to ourselves has any type of evidence and if it is a proven absolute truth , for general rule this is not true, they are simple thoughts that destroy us inside. To do this, just when this happens, what we have to do is ask ourselves, does this thought make us feel good? the answer must be no and immediately the brain will begin to eliminate those negative thoughts .

For example , when on some occasion you are late to catch the bus, the classic phrase “whenever I arrive I miss the bus” automatically comes out . At that precise moment, frustration and anger take hold of us, but what we have to do is ask the aforementioned question, what is the use of thinking that? Are we going to fix something? Does it make me feel good to be like this? Little by little if this fact happens again, the negative emotions will simply disappear since what does not make us feel good should not be in our life. In this way the body ends up understanding that this does not make it feel good either emotionally or mentally .

In addition, there is a technique that helps curb these types of thoughts . It is very simple, you just have to imagine a word such as “stop”, “to”, “cancel”, and when some type of negative thought appears, you only have to say this word a few times for that thought that came to hurt us disappears . The first few times it may seem strange but with practice the limiting thoughts will be eliminated. 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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