job interview is an uncomfortable situation that puts the nerves on edge even the calmest. You are in an unknown situation and with people who have the decision to hire you in their hands, so we feel restless, nervous and intimidated. When this happens, the outcome can be disastrous, no matter how qualified we are for the position, that is why from Bekia we give you some tips so that you can be calmer and gain confidence in yourself .

1. Collect information

You must show interest in the company you want to access, so you will have to spend some time browsing their website and drawing the profile of the person who may be interested. Not only is the experience you have enough, the attitude with which you go to the interview is very important, ask questions about the company, take an interest in them and their way of working. It is always advisable to ask a question but wait until the end of the interview to do so, they usually leave a few minutes for “questions to the company”.

2. Recognize that being nervous is natural

You must be aware that in a job interview everyone is nervous and the people who will interview you already know it, so they will not be surprised if they see you trembling on the threshold of the door. Complete relaxation is impossible, they will not judge you for that as long as you do not show an excessive lack of social skills … If your voice shakes a little or you stutter it will not be the end of the world and it will surely not decide which one they choose or not, yes, you will earn more points if you manage to control your nervous system. On the other hand, physical reactions are normal and it is impossible to avoid them, that is why you should not obsess about “not sweating” for example, instead choose dark clothes that do not leave a fence and if your hands are sweating you can put a handkerchief on your jacket and sneak dry.

3. Reduces signs of nervousness

Once we have recognized that we are going to be nervous if or if you should stop for a few minutes and reflect on what symptoms you show when you are anxious . Are you a person who stutters? Do you sweat a lot? Do you go blank? Do you look away? If you yourself do not realize your most typical reactions, do a small survey and ask people with whom you trust, then collect the data and take an average. Once you identify the signs that give you away, we will try to hide them , the idea is that even if you look like a flan on the inside (because total relaxation is not possible) that is not too noticeable. Therefore, you should practice correcting these mistakes and for this you can rehearse in front of other people or record yourself to avoid them later.

The most common signs of nerves are:

-Toying with hair or touching your face a lot.

– Avert your gaze.

-Changes in the voice.

-To play with a pen. Having something in your hands can be a good option as long as it doesn’t become annoying . such as making noise with the cap of the pen or hitting it against a ring.

-Swinging in the chair.

– Fix your clothes. Surely you are not aware of this but many people tend to straighten their pants , put on their jackets or continually touch their earrings in the case of women.

On the other hand, avoid exaggerated bodily reactions , for example do not laugh excessively or smile out of courtesy, try to be natural, the same should be done with the tone of voice, it does not look good to speak too loud or whisper, try to show relaxation in the muscles of the body. You should also give yourself some time before answering a question, do not fill in the gaps with “ehh ….”, they denote that you are not only trying to buy time to answer and it seems that you do not have anything interesting to say.

4. Wear elegant but comfortable clothes

The clothing you choose for a job interview is crucial because it has to be correct, even if the position is for an informal job, someone who takes more care when dressing than someone who wears the first thing they see in the job always gives a better image. closet (even to load boxes), a neat image and with ironed clothes conveys greater responsibility and relaxation.

On the other hand, it is important not to be visually overloaded , that is, avoid too much jewelry if you are a woman or too bright colors. Neutral and dark tones give more seriousness . If you are a man, wearing a watch or belt are the ideal accessories, however, if you are a woman with earrings and a pair of rings, they will suffice. In the case of piercings and tattoos, it is recommended that you hide them . Although it is unfair that we are judged by them, just in case the piercings should be removed during the interview and the tattoos covered, although everything will depend on the job position you choose … It is not the same to apply for an informal store than for a commercial .

Last and most importantly, choose clothes that you feel comfortable in and that are safe for you. Don’t ever wear brand new clothes! Imagine that you put on that wonderful shirt for the first time and that suddenly you realize that the type of fabric causes you itching, or that the pants make you a strange wrinkle that you had not noticed in the changing room … uncomfortable throughout the interview for fear that someone might notice it and you will get nervous. Surely no one would notice but it is your behavior that will give you away, it is what is called the “self-fulfilling prophecy”: the fear you have that something will happen will play against you and make it more likely that in the end what you fear will happen.

5. Arrive at a specific time

There is no worse image than being late for an interview, it is much better to err on the side of caution than otherwise. Plan the day with twice as much time for each thing in case they arise unexpectedly. It is recommended that you plan everything with the idea of ​​arriving at least half an hour before the meeting point, what happens if there is a traffic jam, they cut a street or the building where the interview is held is too big and you have to look for the office? Going with enough time will give you security and also allow you to enter the bathroom to give yourself some touch-ups before the interview. 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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