Perhaps your family and friends have once told you that you are shy or that you are an introvert and this has left you thinking about the matter and it is that many times people confuse being introverts with simply being shy or that we do not like the same things, situations and environments than them. This is why if you are thinking that you can be an introvert, we are going to leave you a list with the main characteristics of this type of person so that you can check yourself if what they told you was true or not.

What is being an introvert?

Introversion was a term coined by Carl Jung , one of Sigmund Freud’s disciples, this term together with extraversion created them to refer to the dualities of the psychological traits that exist in people. Jung claimed that all introverts have something extraverted and vice versa.

According to this theorist, introverts tend to focus their psychological activity on private mental processes and related to the environment indirectly, while extraverts tend to seek external stimuli in the present.

With the passage of time the theories of Freud and Jung began to lose force , however, the terms introversion and extraversion decided to remain because they symbolize well what each of these personalities represents in a person.

Is it the same as being shy?

It is very common for people to confuse shyness with introversion and it is that although there are traits that fall within the two meanings, technically they are not the same, in fact it is common to find introverts who are not shy and shy people who are extroverted .

The main difference between shy people and introverts is that introverts do not feel any type of concern about the image that they may be transmitting to others , they also do not feel any type of nervousness or discomfort when they meet new people, who feel more attracted Not socializing is not due to any fear but rather to how your brain processes information.

Next, we are going to leave you a list of the most striking characteristics of introverts:

Avoid complex and changing environments

Introverts do not like to be in environments where many things happen or there are many people around them, and especially where they do not control the situation or what may happen . For example, these types of people could not work in front of the public since they do not know how the people they serve can react .

They like to spend time alone

One of the most characteristic facets of these people is that they need to reserve a time and a place alone. They do this not only because their brain needs to rest but because their way of being makes them think that the most stimulating actions for them are those they perform alone without external stimuli.

This especially affects couple relationships , since if the other person does not understand the characteristics of an introvert, they may think that the other person does not care or that their relationship does not have a close enough love bond .

They don’t relate to many people

Introverts are not usually very talkative so they usually have a small friendship group with whom they interact, it is very difficult for these people to make new friends or to be in situations where there are many people they do not know around them since this does not usually interest them and produces boredom, it must be made clear that this is not done because of some type of social phobia but simply does not seem stimulating and they get bored.

They are not interested in attracting attention

Introverted people like to go unnoticed, this makes their behavior and their way of dressing always try to be as less conspicuous as possible, it is likely that, for example, in a class these people, even if they know the answer to a question, do not decide to say it, It must be remembered again that this is not done out of shyness but because they simply do not like to attract attention . For introverts, social capital doesn’t have much value beyond those with whom they have a strong emotional bond. Therefore, the idea of ​​wanting to attract attention does not make much sense to them.

They are great thinkers

People with these traits tend to think a lot , especially before speaking, if they enter a topic of conversation they assume that they know and handle the subject since they always express their opinions with conscience .

They analyze everything continuously

Introverts often tend to be quiet and go unnoticed but the truth is that for them you will not go so unnoticed and it is that probably when you have realized their presence they have already analyzed everything around them , these people analyze situations , people and everything they say before, during and afterwards.

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