When you meet a person on the Internet, such as on a dating app , it is quite common to make a blind date. Blind dates consist of meeting a person who has not previously known each other personally in order to assess whether or not they have certain potential to be able to have romantic dates in the future.

If you are going to go on a blind date, you must first take care of your safety and stay in a public place because you do not really know what the other person is like. In addition to this, it is also a good idea that you follow some tips so that the date is successful or at least, that you feel good both before and after the date.

Do not go to all the appointments that are proposed to you

In principle, dating apps are for going on dates, right? It doesn’t have to. You do not have to go to all the appointments that are proposed to you because they will propose many … you must prioritize those people who really contribute something to you or that your intuition tells you that that person can really be interesting.

It’s totally okay to chat with someone for a bit and decide that it’s just not for you. You would definitely rather have fewer bad dates, right? So make this your new dating motto and stick with it. If you want to know how to remove guys on dating apps, then go ahead and schedule fewer dates. If you think more carefully about who you really want to meet, you might be surprised at how clear you feel.

Have a plan

You don’t want to talk to someone forever and then realize that they didn’t mean to meet you face-to-face. Perhaps this has happened to you before and you have learned your lesson. Or maybe you haven’t been through it yet. But either way, this is a good blind dating lesson to learn and remember.

It doesn’t matter how sweet, funny and charming this guy is (at least on your smartphone).  If he doesn’t really know you in person or doesn’t want to, then you have to go ahead and find someone who is genuinely interested in you as you deserve. If that person doesn’t have a plan to meet you and makes excuses for you, then cut off the connection and something else butterfly.

Take the first step

If you really want to know how to remove guys on dating apps, then taking the first step is something you really want to do . Do you want to be a passenger in your love life, sitting around and waiting for others to send you messages? Do you want to miss out on a chance to meet a decent guy because he was too nervous to ask you out and you refused?

If you want to have more control, then you should definitely take the first step. Not only will this help them determine what kinds of people you really want to date, but it will also make it clear to others if you are their type by having the initiative.

Don’t worry if you have a little paranoia

While this may sound a bit weird, it’s honestly good advice. You know that there are people who do not know how to speak to others or who do not take no for an answer . Never assume that someone is a good person, especially if they say rude words or ask for photos with little clothes or suggestive .

You need to be as careful as possible and be careful around anyone you are chatting with. If someone does not transmit good energy to you, it is better that you do not risk it and do not meet that person for a drink. Listen to your instinct and if it tells you to stay away, stay away!

Keep your values ​​and principles intact

It’s okay to have a list of qualities you want in a potential partner.  That doesn’t make you super picky or a diva person. You are smart and you know who you want (and who you don’t want). You could have the best internet chat with someone about your latest Netflix obsession, but if you don’t think he’s attractive, he lives an hour away, and his profile says only that he’s online at all hours, why would you bother to meet someone who might not be for you?

Make a list (either on paper or just in your head) of the qualities you want someone to have, and then make sure you hang out with people who fit on that list. Easy right?

Know the difference between being nervous and being scared

You’re going to be a little nervous about going on a first date.  There really is no way around it. If you are never nervous on the first date, then you are probably not telling the truth.

But there is a difference between normal butterflies and an unsettling feeling that you shouldn’t meet this person. You can cancel the appointment if you change your mind or feel insecure . Never meet a person just to meet because you told him to see you … You have the right not to want to or to change your mind .

In person counts more

You want a person who is better in person than online. Unfortunately, sometimes people are fascinating when you chat on the Internet, they seem funny, smart and many other positive qualities … but the reality is that in person it seems that everything that you thought you had, disappears.

Naturally, you seize the opportunity to meet him in person and start dreaming about all the romantic moments that the two of you are definitely going to have … not so fast. It can be more boring when you’re sitting across from each other in a bar than when you’re chatting on your cell phone . And that’s really not a good sign .

Don’t keep dating someone just because you had a good feeling about that person. If he’s not the kindest person or makes you feel bad in some way, make sure there isn’t a second date.  Plain and simple. Blind dates aren’t exactly a piece of cake, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find success with this dating method … But you do have to do things in the right mind to get it right.

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