Having a positive mind can be a great gift to your life. If you sink into a negative mind, it is more than likely that you will end up having problems with anxiety or depression since negative thoughts will not bring you anything good and also, it is too easy to fall into them. Therefore, it is necessary to put on your own side so that in this way, you get into the habit of maintaining a positive mind.

If you do not know how to have it or you think that your mind likes to betray you and fall into the abyss of negativity, then read on because from now on, taking a little of your willpower you will win great things in your life … starting with better mental health.

Keep a positive mind

Many people have discovered a positivity approach to stress management and it is that small daily actions can transform your life. By including positivity in your life, it will give you a sense of control in the situation and reduce stress. Although you can’t always control all circumstances, you can control how you respond to them.

When you feel that you have options and resources, you will be able to respond from your strength and inner peace. You will have much more control over the pleasant options in your life and prevent stressful experiences. With this in mind, if you want to keep a positive mind and have your life transformed from now on and forever …

Make a plan

When you feel stress and negative thoughts starting to take over, then you need to act. It is possible that you do not start the day excited, and you may not even have much desire to face the day or that you see things in a negative way making wrong decisions because of that downward spiral of negativity … But, you know what? You can change things just by having a simple plan.

If you create a plan, you can have more control over the circumstances and relax in your day with more positive expectations. The plan itself may involve minimizing stressors (reducing the numerator) or increasing the amount of time you spend feeling positive feelings. By planning ahead, you can consider canceling plans that may create more stress or add positive experiences to your day … it’s that easy!

A gratitude journal

Another way to increase the proportions of happiness and positive mind in your life is to maximize the positive experiences that you already have in your life. You can expand the positive feelings you experience by savoring them. You can also increase your focus on what makes you happy by journaling about the things you are thankful for.

When you start or end your day regularly by writing about three things you appreciate that day, you will develop a habit of focusing on the things that bring joy and lift your mood. You will also make gratitude an automatic experience in your life, essential for happiness. 

An added benefit of keeping a gratitude journal is that they leave you with a written record of the many things you should appreciate in life. Keeping a gratitude journal can have lasting benefits for your mood and personal stamina.

Control your mood

When you repeatedly stress yourself out and your life changes, you can bounce your mood down by leaps and bounds with almost nothing you can do about it … but you can.

If you notice that you are too stressed for a few days and you start to experience a low mood … start changing things in your life immediately! Don’t let negative thoughts take over you. This can prevent things from moving in the wrong direction before they escalate and make it harder to get out of there.


There are certain activities or pleasures that are emotionally pleasurable and that you need to do more often. This will give you an immediate boost to your mood and also require little effort such as eating a cookie you like, enjoying a relaxing bath, listening to a song, etc.

The pleasures can be effective to raise your positivity rate, and are easy to add to your life. It is important to know that the pleasures generally bring a slightly lower level of positive experience if you use them a lot, so varying them is optimal, do not use the same pleasures every day unless they really bring you the same joy. Shifting your pleasures, keeping them on a rotation, is the best way to go, and it’s still a simple and effective way to make the most of your day.

Keep good habits

While positive thinking is difficult to maintain day after day, habits that bring an emotional boost are easier to maintain. This is because it is often easier to change our behaviors than our thoughts . 

By adding a few habits to your day that will create an emotional boost, such as a morning workout, a daily nature walk, or a call to a good friend during your trip home, you can add positive experiences to your day and higher levels of positivity to your usual way of thinking … and everything will be better.

Enjoy the surprises of life

You can get used to equating the most positive experiences and taking them for granted without realizing it. For this reason, it helps to have some variety in your day. In the morning, as you plan your day, try adding something new that you enjoy, something that is not part of your routine. Having this fresh experience will maximize the joy you find in it.

Use resources

It will also be a good idea to use resources for your comfort and to be better. You can include these things in your usual routine so that in this way you have a boost in your daily life.

If you like to walk, exercise, watch comedies, or eat the same things, you will have to make sure to include all of these in your daily life. It is important that you not only focus on working or doing things of your daily responsibility, you must also use the resources in your hand to work on your physical and emotional well-being . 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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