The life of each person depends, to a large extent, on the decisions they make throughout it. This is why decision-making produces so much fear when it comes time to choose one path or another, because there is that fear of failure, faced with a decision that on many occasions can bring a large number of subsequent consequences. But will all the consequences of a bad decision be negative? Is it not possible that, despite having made a bad decision, it is followed by new paths that until now had not been within our grasp? How can we be so sure that these new paths will not be better than the old ones?

Our life moves forward thanks to decisions.

In cases where decision-making becomes so complicated that there is a feeling of continuous blockage on a day-to-day basis , it is important to consider the option of going to a psychologist so that you can find a solution, which allows you to open new paths or look for problems. reasons that create that fear . For example, those people who have received a too strict education in the home during the childhood, will see their self-esteem diminished and, in many cases, they will not feel the necessary security to make a decision and assume that it could be a success or a failure. In these cases, the only alternative is to recreate yourself, to start loving yourself from scratch, since it is essential to believe in yourself and feel the necessary strength to face mistakes., and know that you can move forward despite failure, because as long as our lives continue, we will have to make one decision after another.

How many people have thought, after doing something, I wish I hadn’t done this, so now I wouldn’t be going through the current bad situation? How easy would it be to make a decision, if we were able to preview the results through a screen? It is common to think about all these questions , to know that things could be different and to be afraid of what will come, but to face that these thoughts are something natural and that the important thing is to be able to move forward despite them, is the key that will take us to make the decisions that will open new frontiers.

Without decisions there is no success or failure

If a person does not make the decision to leave the family home, look for work and rent in another city, they will possibly spend their whole life living in the place where they were born, with their family and with whatever work they can get in the area, and this may be a failure. Accepting what one is born with as the only possibility, may be the mistake that closes a life between borders, preventing it from growing and expanding, as long as that is not what one wants for oneself. Having dreams is, at the same time, having a goal to follow , and those goals need courage to be achieved.

Feeling fear is normal, the secret is to learn to walk despite it. If a person does not decide to carry out what we discussed above and study, for example, medicine, he will never become a great doctor, he will never learn to live alone, he will never meet all the new friends on the university campus, etc. Any life can change abruptly, or be linear and boring, for the simple fact of not wanting to make a decision, that is why it will always be preferable to make a mistake in the answer and face the consequences, to not decide anything and never know what could have happened, since that way we would be stalling our lives. However, not everyone has to want to change their life or believe that something is being lost, we must first weigh what priorities we have .

Don’t let others make decisions for you

There are many cases in which other people (couples, parents or friends) spend their lives making decisions for another, but when this subject loses who makes decisions for him, he will find himself in one of the worst possible situations, he will not know how to make decisions itself. That is why we must always make our own decisions, it does not matter if you live as a family, as a couple or in a flat with friends, we are all ourselves and no one can make better decisions, or be more aware of what can be gained. or lose, than ourselves.

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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