Falling in love with one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a person. The first days of relationship, everything seems pink and a beautiful feeling of pure happiness invades the body of the lovers. In the best cases, this can continue with the passage of time and some lucky people can boast of being as in love as the first day, even if they already carry several years of romance behind them. However, there is a much uglier face, the one in which the passing of the days together ends up wearing down the couple and only generates negative emotions.

Thus, what at first seemed bright and beautiful has now turned gray and dark. The illusion has disappeared and every day you ask yourself, even once, why you are still with that person, even though you know for sure that it does not make you happy. Although this can happen because of something completely normal, such as mutual boredom or the need to continue your life on different paths , in some cases it may be because, without knowing it, you have been fully immersing yourself in a toxic relationship . In fact, many people suffer from day to day because of this type of dating, without being aware that the best thing they can do for themselves is to cut their losses.

Although a priori it may seem something simple, the truth is that it is not entirely easy to identify a toxic relationship. This occurs because, due to different factors, such as fear of loneliness or emotional dependence, the person ends up normalizing in his suitor a series of completely reprehensible behaviors that have nothing to do with love. In this sense, you should know that your love affair is harmful for you if it is characterized more by negative feelings than by positive ones , so you should consider getting away from that person as soon as possible.

How to Identify a Toxic Dating Relationship

The first thing to note is that if your love affair with someone has not finished working, it does not always have to mean that it was because they were poisonous, but that, perhaps, you were simply looking for different things or expected something more from each other. . In the same way, all couples go through different phases in which stress or some dramatic event plays tricks on them and their love can be put to the test , but in this situation you do not have to give up and you must continue fighting to move forward, only if you really want to share the rest of the days with that person.

So how do you know if your relationship is truly toxic? There are some guidelines and behaviors that are common in these types of romances, so knowing and understanding them can help you know if you are immersed in that dark well. Isolation is usually what characterizes these courtships the most. Without realizing it, you turn so much on your loved one that you leave out other important people in your life, such as friends or family . You stop meeting them and forget about your interests to focus exclusively on theirs, and that is not love .

Likewise, toxic love is possessive and selfish. In these cases, the person you are with wants you just for her and needs hundreds of explanations and details when it is not among your plans. “Are you going out?” or “I don’t like it when you go with your friends so much” are phrases that are heard frequently in this type of relationship. In addition, this jealous behavior is also usually accompanied by frivolous emotional blackmail, getting angry or withdrawing the word if you do what you had planned, subtly forcing you to cancel your appointments in order to avoid a confrontation or argument.

For all this, the other person will try to change your way of being to accommodate their needs, constantly emphasizing everything that, in their opinion, you do wrong or do not quite like it. True love consists of accepting your partner as he is , and if he tries to modify some very intrinsic trait in your personality, then he does not want you, but the idealized image that has formed in his head. In addition, they will blame you for not meeting their expectations and a feeling of disappointment with yourself will begin to grow in your mind, something very dangerous that can lead to depression . Therefore, it is very important that you cut off these types of toxic relationships as soon as possible.

Some conclusions

Ultimately, a toxic love relationship will make you suffer and will only generate bad feelings. If you are afraid to talk to your partner about some problems because you know that he will take it badly, if you notice that he is too jealous or if you have stopped sharing certain behaviors of his with your friends and family to protect him , you should know that you are living an affair nothing healthy and that, for sure, will not end well unless you nip it in the bud as soon as possible.

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