In any type of relationship , communication is very important , since without this link certain situations can be misinterpreted. For the relationship to work, an affective bond must be created where empathy and knowing how to communicate play fundamental roles. It is evident that there are people who tend to keep things quiet to avoid any type of conflict, it is true that in many cases you do not have to make a mountain out of a grain of sand, but in other situations you have to expose what you think in a reasoned way , since otherwise that relationship will deteriorate and break.

To maintain a good communication channel as a couple, you must also take into account the tone in which you say what you think, because it is not the same to say it in a calm and calm way than to give voices or with bad manners. Speaking badly makes you lose your mind , even when you have it, because it is very important to always maintain respect for the other person. If there is no respect, there is no communication , and therefore there is no relationship .

You have to stop and think before speaking , because you don’t have to know what the other person is living in those moments. That is, you don’t have to assume , you have to ask, you have to understand and you have to know how to help. Often, pride is one of the main attractions for a couple argues, by the mere fact always be right . Keep in mind that when you love someone you have to know how to stop an argument and put that pride aside to be able to solve everything as soon as possible because otherwise if the anger and lack of communication is not that it only affects the couple but to the state of mind that can causetrue bad being .

How to improve communication as a couple

To improve communication as a couple, the following aspects must be taken into account :

    1. In a relationship , you have to be totally transparent , where trust is one of the engines of the couple. In this way, if the two parts of the couple know everything or almost everything about the other person, it will be much easier to start a conversation and therefore improve the communication channel .
    1. Just as speaking is important in a positive communication channel, you have to know how to listen . In this way, you can get to understand what you want to convey or how the other person feels.
    1. Another fundamental aspect of creating a healthy relationship based on good communication is not turning to the past . Many couples tend to throw things at home and that only worsens the situation . That is, you have to know how to forget, and of course forgive, if these two requirements are not met and every ‘x’ time is brought to light, the relationship will get worse and there will not be a good communication channel .
    1. You also have to know how to slow down , that is, a conversation can rise in tone or nerves can surface. In those cases, the most important thing is to take a kind of pause so that the spirits relax so that the conversation can continue.
    1. Empathy is another point to take into account in a good communication channel. Understanding and putting yourself in the place of the other makes everything better understood. Those people who do not tend to have empathy are more likely to show their pride and carry their “truth” to the end no matter what the other person feels. You always have to see an event or story from two perspectives in order to understand everything.
    1. The place where the conversation is held is important , therefore this aspect must be taken into account. Not all places are appropriate to have a conversation as a couple.
  1. Without a doubt, this point must be kept more than present when talking with our partner. The intention with which you speak will determine if the conversation will be of any use or on the contrary, it will be of no use . It is important to know that this conversation is to solve ‘x’ problem . You should not go with bad intentions because in this way the relationship will end. You should not go to hurt but quite the opposite. In this way, the relationship will advance, grow and stabilize for future situations of this style.

How to deal with a couple argument

When it comes to having a conversation with our partner, it may happen that the conversation deviates and ends up arguing . For this, three essential aspects must be taken into account to redirect the conversation and there is a good communication channel:

    • Listen very carefully to what they want to tell us.

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