How to overcome the fear of heights

If there is something that is capable of paralyzing on a psychological level, it is phobias and fears. Today, millions of people around the world suffer from some type of fear that affects and conditions their daily life , even causing states of stress and anxiety . One of the fears that affects a larger segment of the population is the fear of heights and this phobia is not only suffered, for example, when climbing to the highest floor of a building and looking into space, but it can even occur the person being at a relatively low height from the ground.

The acrophobia , so is the name given to the extreme fear of heights , is a type of phobia having different degrees of intensity, thus affecting differently each person, and suffer in the physical presence or fictitious a fall to the vacuum. This phobia reaches such an extent that it is disabling for everyone who experiences it, in such a way that it affects the daily or leisure activities of the subject in question. It is for this last reason that the phobia of heights is usually considered an irrational phobia because, due to what causes it, it is not a potential and real threat for the person who suffers it.

All phobias can be overcome with a correct psychological strategy adapted to each type of person. However, there are several points that treat the problem superficially and that can help to lay a foundation from which to work and eventually overcome this fear. Whether you suffer from acrophobia or if someone from your environment has the fear of heights, patience and understanding play a very important role in the whole process of overcoming. If in doubt, the ideal is to go to a psychologist , but if what you want is to find a series of tips to start with, pay attention to the following points.

Little by little expose yourself to the heights

Whatever the degree of acrophobia, the ideal is to begin to overcome that fear by facing it . It is not recommended nor is it advisable to start this point wanting to fight against acrophobia at once and at a height of 1000m, so the ideal and what will really help is to start little by little with heights that generate a little concern, but in the that, at the same time, we feel comfortable. For greater safety, it is recommended to start in places that have elements to hold on to, such as railings, for example, to avoid falls caused by possible dizziness or even fainting.

The idea of ​​this technique is to improve gradually and always without making qualitative leaps between the different levels of adaptation. This will help the person with acrophobia to gain confidence in themselves and, as they overcome each challenge, they will be motivated with the following levels until they reach the maximum without problem.

Relax the mind

One of the reasons why a person may develop a fear of heights is the memory of some past negative experience. Being able to consider traumas , these memories are the cause of the mental block in the face of a certain situation and to be able to combat them, the most advisable thing is to remain calm and analyze the situation . If you remember the past, the fear felt at that time will affect the present, so the ideal thing is to try to leave your mind blank and face the reality of now little by little.

Focusing on your breath while visualizing a quiet spot can help. The yoga and meditation can help in this regard and keep in mind that getting enough rest and exercise regularly will be a plus in this section. It is also advisable that this point, like the rest of the advice, be done in a quiet place where it is unlikely that there will be sudden or loud noises that can scare the person with acrophobia.

Get motivated by the successes achieved

By overcoming the different levels of heights little by little, the person suffering from acrophobia can use their own motivation to continue advancing in the different scales and thus completely overcome their fear of heights. One of the fundamental aspects within this point is to celebrate the victory, no matter how small . If a person is able to look down from a height outside of their comfort zone , it is already a triumph and that is how it should be seen.

Having the memory of everything previously achieved will counteract negative thoughts and help the acrophobe to want to move on and be predisposed throughout the process of overcoming. If you have a family member with an extreme fear of heights, help him in this regard and celebrate his successes with him, no matter how small.

Try to explain the origin of your fear

Another tip to try to overcome the panic of heights will be to analyze what is the reason for acrophobia. They can be unpleasant situations that occurred in the past , self-suggestion in which one thinks the worst, or a survival instinct taken to the extreme. Whatever it is, looking for and analyzing the cause of the fear of heights will help to attack it from its source .

The fact of experiencing a negative situation in the past does not mean that it will happen again each time one is exposed to similar circumstances. Also, thinking about the minimum probabilities that an accident or that one suffers some damage, is another point to take into account. In any case, when confrontation with the problem requires psychological involvement , it is recommended to go to an expert in the field so that the final result of the therapy is conclusive and effective.

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