Ending a relationship is always difficult, but with the arrival of new technologies, this duel that everyone goes through can sometimes become even more painful . Having all the information about what our ex does or does not do at the click of a button can lead us to become obsessed with keeping track of them and reviewing who they are dating or who they are with at all times , something that in the long run will produce us many problems, since we will not be able to overcome the rupture and everything will be much more uphill.

However, if we have gone through an intense relationship where both parties have had very strong feelings for each other, the fact of completely erasing everything we have from that other person as if it had not existed or had never been part of our life. Life can also be very hard for us. That is why in this article we are going to see what is the best thing to do when dealing with a romantic break with our ex-partner on social networks.

Should I stop following it?

Sometimes when a relationship ends we become impulsive and tend to eliminate and get rid of everything that has to do with that person without thinking about what their reaction may be or if we will regret this in the long term.

All the people who pass through our lives mark us in one way or another, and the fact that we remove them from our contact list or block them on social networks will not make that person disappear or that the pain goes away . Before you stop following your ex, think a bit with a cool head .

You may have mutual friends who feel uncomfortable if you do not even have a cordial relationship between the two of you, or you may want to become a friend of that person yourself in a while, so making hasty decisions will not be good so that in the future there can be a beautiful friendship or to have a cordial treatment .

However, if you are not able to stop reviewing their profile to see their photographs or what they do and what you really want with this gesture is to avoid thinking about them, we advise you to silence them . You can do this on all social networks and the good thing is that the other person will not know that you have silenced them. With this you will ensure that their publications, stories, tweets do not appear to you so you will never see what they have posted unless you enter their profile directly , something that you should already be clear about what you should not do.

Should I remove and delete my photos with it?

Definitely, if you want to overcome a love breakup, you must eliminate everything that reminds you of that person , although you do not have to make it disappear forever. It is convenient that you make small changes such as changing your WhatsApp profile photo or your status on Facebook , if this is really what you think will make you feel good.

There are some people who choose not to erase their photographs with the other person because for them they are memories that do not affect them or that they want to keep because at that time it was something nice, however, if you are having a really bad time you should not have close photographs of that other person. The best thing is that you wait a reasonable time and if you want to delete the most romantic photographs between the two of you and stay with the others so that your mind also ends the relationship by sending that message on your social networks. Also with the photographs you have on your mobile or around your house, if you don’t want to get rid of them because they are memories, you can save them or store them in a folder so you don’t have them constantly on hand.

Avoid connecting

If you spend the day with your mobile in your hand looking at what he has published, what he has written or what he has liked, the best thing for you and for your emotional state is that you try to disconnect a bit from social networks . Especially the first days after a romantic breakup, it is essential that you go out, distract yourself, that you are with your friends and with the people who love you and that you avoid eating your head or locking yourself in a bubble of sadness that makes you not want to leave home. . Limit the hours you have the mobile and control what you do, the moment you have impulses to see their profile it is better that you go out, do sports or any other activity that keeps you away from the mobile so as not to fall into temptation .

Do not send messages through social networks

The reasons why a relationship ends can be very broad, from infidelity to simply because the other person no longer feels the same way about us. Sometimes the pain can turn into anger or resentment and we use social networks to send hints or key messages that only the other person can understand whose sole intention is to harm the other person .

The best thing for you is that you do not do any of this, do not like a derogatory comment that resembles your situation and much less use social networks as a daily to vent . The reason why you should not do this is not because in the eyes of other people you can look like one or an angry but because in the long run when you remember or see it again you will be ashamed of the childish attitude you took , it is It is preferable that when you end a relationship you talk to that person and tell him everything you feel or think rather than send him hints through social networks.

Likewise, if you know other people or are seeing others, do not use social networks to rub it off with your ex-partner , be prudent and remember that you should not do what you would not like them to do to you. If it is your ex who does precisely that, do not enter a war of egos and stay in a more mature position than him or her, in the long run you will appreciate it and you will feel proud of the position you took.

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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