When changing cities the changes can become overwhelming if the person does not know how to channel the situations, for this they must have patience to have a period of adaptation to their new home , their new neighborhood and their people. It is normal that at the beginning of an adventure like this, oneself do not know very well where they are going, but that is positive because it is about personal growth and enrichment that will make the person value certain things and mature in some aspects , if not already. has done.

Changes are part of life , especially when one decides to move to a completely different city from the one in which one lived. In addition to the stress of moving, changes, comes with meeting new people , which for some people does not involve any effort for others can become a real problem because they may be somewhat embarrassing .

Where to meet people in a new city

    • In the workplace . This can be a more than feasible option to break the ice since day to day does not even have to have the initiative to start a conversation. When you are in a job, you always have to help and allow yourself to be helped by your colleagues. It is a good way to meet people . However, if there is a group of people who are in a conversation in which you are in the middle, you can intervene . That is also a way of knowing and being known, and who knows if a friend can come from there for life .
    • In the study place . For those people who move to new city for study topics, it is very easy to meet new people, either in class to ask for some notes you can even create a WhatsApp group to help each other with the exams. Thanks to that, great friendships can be created .
    • Contacts . Without a doubt, a good tool to be able to meet people in the new city where you are going to live are contacts . You just have to notify the circle of friends where you have moved in case there are more people in the same situation. Life surprises and you never know, because this option is very good to meet new people .
    • Frequent a site . For example, at coffee time you can always go to the same bar or cafeteria . In this way, little by little a conversation will begin with the waiter and with more people who frequent the place . For those people who are more ashamed it is a good option to meet people .
    • Internet . You live in the age of technology , everything is on the internet. In the social network Facebook , groups of all kinds are usually made , even of people who move to cities and want to meet new people , do not be afraid! Get together and chat with the people who are most akin to your personality . You will discover wonderful people .
  • Shared rental . This option has its pros and cons , but it’s an easy way to meet people your age . When looking for a flat you can put filters and look for a house where you share a room . In this way, an emotional bond will be created between the inhabitants of the house and who knows, they can become great friends! .

Tips for meeting new people

In addition to having a certain initiative, you can take into account the following aspects in order to meet more people more easily.

    • Never decline an invitation. In the event that you are invited to an event, a party or simply go out for a drink after work , do not reject it no matter how tired you are. This is the best way to integrate and create new friends.
    • Have confidence in yourself . Security is very important since there is no use being afraid of meeting people. Nobody is going to judge you , every time people have more empathy and that is to be appreciated, because also, if they know that you are new to the city, they will surely do to help you . Let yourself help and trust you.
    • Don’t be afraid to speak up . If you are in a group of people and they are talking about a topic that you know or are interested in, you even want to intervene, you have to do it . It is a way to share ideas and build relationships with other people. You have to leave your fears behind in order to advance in all areas of life. Once the fear is gone, everything will be more fluid and it will go smoothly.
  • There are more people in the same situation . There are always more people in the same situation , be it where you live, in the place of study or at work . If you know of someone who is looking for people to meet them , break the ice, they will appreciate it and surely you will feel better and little by little you will create a circle of friendship with whom you can share your life in the new city. 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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