The Internet and the advancement of technologies have led to romances between people who live far from each other. Although this has always existed, it is true that a priori, thanks to Whatsapps and video-calling platforms, it seems that it is easier to be able to maintain a relationship despite the kilometers that separate the couple , but this is not really true.

It is likely that you have heard that long distance relationships never work and that even if you think that you will be the exception, life will end up giving you a reality check, but this is not true either, although there are long distance relationships that fail, many also manage to stay . The only thing that we must make clear before embarking on a relationship of this nature is whether both parts of the couple see it as viable and feel comfortable facing a more or less long period of physical separation .

Although they are not impossible, if they are difficult, this is why it is essential that we talk first , and get on a series of aspects:

    • You have to assess the time that each member of the couple is willing to wait until they get back together or if, on the contrary, they believe that separation is the most appropriate.
    • Establish what type of partner you want to have : If it is going to be closed, or if we are going to open it due to the distance. This will help minimize jealousy and mistrust.
  • Agree on the time and type of communication that will take place , schedule it on a calendar and be clear that it must be respected.

Although each relationship is different and each couple has its own internal rules , we are going to leave you some tips to be able to survive a long-distance relationship.

Have a project together

Although it may seem obvious, making plans and being motivated can make the separation more bearable . In most cases, the distance is only temporary, so if the couple sets goals, they are more likely to achieve them.

Keep communication fluent

Each couple must establish what type of communication they want and how often they need it. Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are now multiple ways to stay connected: whatsapps, audio messages, video calls, calls, emails, etc … The important thing is that the couple stay in touch and that they be told from the most insignificant things of the day to day to the thoughts, sensations or feelings they have.

Accept loneliness

Many times it is said that long distance relationships are useless because you are really alone. One of the fundamental aspects of a relationship is sharing your life with the other person, you go from doing everything alone to changing your day to day and sharing many activities with your partner .

When the distance intervenes between the two parties it is possible that we notice a great change in our life , we get used to going shopping with the other, coming home and seeing him, cooking together etc … All these activities are done to us more uphill when we notice the absence of our loved one , that is why it is vitally important that we accept this new stage of our life and the loneliness that it entails . It is essential that we do not blame our partner for this feeling and that we learn to be more self-reliant to improve our self-esteem.

Take time for yourself

Life does not revolve around another person, we must be clear that we cannot stay locked up at home until our partner returns. Long-distance relationships promote personal development . We dedicated more time to ourselves , whether for work, study or meet friends and family, any of these things are good, because not only you distract it will slowly feeling go dependence disappearing what it can be very good for the relationship.

Make frequent visits

As long as the distance, time and economy allow it, it is good to spend weekends or long periods with the other person in order to rekindle the relationship . This can make you value your partner and the time you spend with her more. There are several studies that affirm that after a long distance relationship the couple leaves stronger and more united than ever so, take advantage of the moments in which you see each other to recharge your batteries in the relationship.

Boost confidence

One of the basic pillars of any relationship is trust , if we think that the moment our partner leaves, he will meet another person and we will lose him, the relationship is destined to fail . Long-distance relationships constantly test the mutual trust of the couple, which is why we must create a safe climate between the two to be able to generate that trust. At this point we must not forget that long distance relationships are based on sentimental and not physical connections.

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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