Relationships are complicated, because not all are the same , so there are no set guidelines to know what to do at all times. What is good for one equal relationship is not so good for another. Each case must be studied to know what is best for the relationship . Everything becomes complicated when talking about feelings because several things can happen, that the love with which it began is still what unites the couple , feelings may be confused, and when that happens you have to stop and think , to know if you are with the right person because otherwise you have to take certain measures to avoid the other person as little as possible.

less damage .

Realizing if you are with the right person does not have a predetermined time, as it can happen as soon as you meet them, three months later, even several years later. The important thing is that when this happens you have to be conscientious to try to do things as well as possible. Take note of certain details that may clarify whether you are with the right person .

8 signs if you’re with the right person

    1. You want to see that person . Without a doubt, this circumstance is very important . When you barely feel like spending time with the other person, it is something difficult to carry in a relationship, because it can be done uphill.
    1. Share aspects of life . For example, lead parallel lives , that is, that both parties are taken into account when making plans both together and outside the couple . If one of the two people must leave for work reasons, the other should be taken into account. They are details , which make you realize that you are sharing your life with the right person .
    1. Complicity . This aspect is also very important , it cannot really be explained in words. It is a kind of connection that unites the couple from the first day they met. Having complicity is very important, it is as if they know what they need at all times, it is pure magic .
    1. Future . When a person imagines the future with his partner , it is that at least for the moment he is the right person . Having plans for the future, such as living together, having children or starting some kind of business is a symbol that the couple is stable and they are made for each other.
    1. You feel the same love . It is important to feel love , otherwise the couple would not have to be together because neither party has to waste time . When you spend time with a partner, it can be confused with affection , you have to try to always be clear about your feelings , since love is not the same as affection.
    1. The sex remains the same . As time goes by, the magic and the desire to want to sleep with the other person can be lost. In the event that they continue to have that passion and the sex continues to be as when they met, without a doubt it is the right person .
  1. It makes you grow personally . A person who supports your decisions and helps you improve as a person should be in your life , no longer in the love arena , but in any type of relationship you have, such as friendship . It is a very important aspect that your partner supports you in your decisions even if they do not benefit her, that says a lot and makes you find your happiness . A person who loves you well will make you grow personally.

Pros and cons to stay with your partner

Once immersed in a love relationship , if any doubts arise , the best thing to do is talk with that person to find out what is happening and weigh the pros and cons . The best way to maintain a healthy relationship is by creating a good communication channel between the two of you and being honest at all times. In this way, many problems that may arise can be overcome, otherwise if it is a relationship in which you cannot talk and everything is discussions you have to move away, as it could become a toxic relationship and each time it can go to more and more. it may not even have a solution.

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