Gambling is an addiction to any game of chance or gambling that causes people who suffer from this disease to be unaware of many of their actions which are out of control and in turn feel the need to constantly resort to these games putting them ahead of all other aspects of their lives. In fact, these people usually spend a large part of their time making bets or taking part in these types of games that can get out of hand, leading not only to a real financial but also psychological ruin.that ends up destroying their lives. Therefore, the most important thing at that point is to know how to detect the disease and give help to these people with gambling problems so that they can return to normal as soon as possible, thus avoiding further damage.

Tips for helping a gambler

Although not all cases are the same if there are many patterns of behavior that are repeated in an identical way in people who suffer from gambling. Therefore, the solutions to help them also tend to coincide and are feasible in most cases. According to the most experts on the subject, there are series of tips that can help people who have this type of problem. Some of them are:

    1. Make them feel understood: The important thing for a person who has this problem is to feel understood and in turn, that he sees that he has all the support of his loved ones to overcome it and be able to eliminate the addiction from his life. Although at first it is difficult to deal with gamblers, little by little it will be achieved.
    1. Do not judge them, they are sick: Although you have to tell them things clearly and be harsh when necessary, it is important not to make them feel judged or attacked since this will only cause anger on the part of these people, who will be further away from their loved ones dear ones looking for a greater refuge in the game. Therefore, it is essential to be careful with words and show them an attitude in which they are not judged since their addiction has become a disease that in almost all cases, nor can they control whether to quit or not. They are sick and therefore, they will have to be treated taking into account their situation.
    1. Make them reason: It is important that they understand the problems caused by gambling and see how conflict situations or problems are occurring due to the attitude they are showing. For this, we will have to give them examples of things that have happened recently or that the gambling person has done.
    1. Show them similar cases: It is good for them to see how other people with the same problem have managed to be happier without gambling or, on the contrary, have completely destroyed their lives because of it. This will make them reflect and perhaps do more of their part to address your problem.
    1. Get a distraction: It is recommended that these people find an activity or distraction that allows them to forget about the game and that in turn, motivates them by making them happy and gradually filling the pleasure that was previously occupied by games and bets.
    1. Convincing them to go to therapy and get treated : This point is something key and fundamental since the specialists will be the best to get people with gambling to overcome their problems. Although it is not an easy task , it can be done. In addition, listening to other people who are going through the same trance makes a lot of progress.
  1. Keep them out of danger and motivate them : It is advisable for the person with gambling to surround himself with people who do not encourage him to gamble or maintain his addiction. In addition, it will be perfect to motivate these people in their fight to get rid of their problem.

What symptoms does a person with compulsive gambling have?

Although it is not an easy task to identify a gambling person if there are some tips and tricks that you can take into account and that will undoubtedly help you to end up identifying this problem in any person and put it in the hands of a specialist or offer help to be able to finish with such a disease. Therefore, a person will most certainly suffer from this problem in the case of presenting some of the following symptoms:

    • If a person resorts to gambling frequently and does it more and more constantly, respecting their times for it too much and becoming inflexible in the possibility of changing this plan for another that has nothing to do with gambling.
    • If the person experiences a feeling of pleasure when he is playing and anxiety or stress when he has not done it for a long time. That is, he begins to have an addiction.
    • If the person does not know how to stop when he loses and is involved in a spiral in which he is unable to refuse to continue playing because he thinks that in the end he will be able to recover everything he is losing. Their intelligence is reduced or blocked by the game.
    • If every time you have a difficult personal problem or circumstance, you turn to gambling as an escape route to find the relief , calm and tranquility you need.
    • If your mood depends on the game and the results in it.
    • If he begins to have an aggressive character due to the game and the lies begin to be assiduous to be able to go to resort to him. In addition, family conflicts often begin because of this aspect.
    • If the person begins to have money problems and asks for loans from friends or the bank ensuring that they will return them as soon as they win in the game again.
    • If you have inappropriate, violent and inappropriate reactions . This point also includes the fact that he begins to carry out actions that are outside the legal framework to solve problems or situations caused by his addiction to gambling.
  • If you put the safety, love , finances and many other important aspects of your family and friends at risk for the game.

These are the symptoms or aspects that most often characterize a person who suffers from this disease. For this reason, it is important to take them into account and detect gambling in time since it can have very negative consequences if it is not treated. These can range from social isolation on the part of the individual to deep depression and even death by suicide itself. Ultimately, gambling people are patients who need to recover if they want to regain complete control of their healthy, happy and stable lives . And in this process, the people around him will be very important. 

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