Each person is aware that their state of mind can affect the actions they develop in their day to day , for better or for worse. It is necessary to know how to differentiate the situations and avoid that the mood, in the worst case, affects negatively. When a person is in a good mood, they take things in a different, more positive way and that is what you have to achieve on a daily basis, since it is useless to be in a bad mood because you have to be aware that those problems that cause That bad being will be solved sooner or later, as long as we confront them or the person who has them confronts them.

The state of mind is the good or bad mood that accompanies in the day to day and every hour. It can be said that it is a way of life , a way of being or staying. On many occasions, the mood lasts for a long time, so we are talking about a dominant mood that is already the one that characterizes the person. It should be known that although the state of mind is a mixture of emotions it differs from them, since, for example, fear, surprise, are more intense than a state of mind . This second follows a more linear and balanced attitude over time .

Moods can vary , depending on hours, days or years, and in turn, have a certain valence or what is the same, it can be said that you can have a good or bad mood. When this bad mood lasts for a long time, it is more than likely that you can suffer from depression, which leads to a depressed mood . Euthymia is considered the normal state of mind .

Ways to raise your spirits

Although there are seasons in which the mood is on the ground and the person is in a constant apathetic state , the truth is that those bad habits of negativity and seeing everything bad can be changed . To do this, take note of the following tips to be able to raise the spirits of others or yourself.

In the first place, social isolation must be avoided at all costs . In the event of such isolation, it must be understood that this will only make the situation worse. When a person is in a low mood, they tend to adopt a passive and listless attitude .

If instead of having the initiative to carry out any type of activity that avoids said isolation, one chooses not to leave the house , that simple act causes us to perpetuate behavioral dynamics, which are what feed the emotional state . Therefore, in this situation, what you have to do is do activities that the person who is in a low mood has always liked . For example, going shopping, going to the movies, meeting friends among others.

Another tip , no matter how topical it may seem, is to sleep and eat well . As long as you maintain a good state of health, everything will be better, since the body will not feel completely tired as when a person suffers a low mood . Getting the right hours of sleep will also have a positive effect on your mood. You just have to observe when you do not sleep well, the next day as a general rule you do not have a very good mood and you do not give up the same .

Similarly, exercising will change your mood for the better. This is because playing sports releases the hormone of happiness , called serotonin, which regulates the mood. Therefore, practicing sports daily helps considerably to maintain a good mood on a regular basis .

change of habits should also be done as far as possible . At this point, the person who wants to change their state of mind must have sufficient willpower and be aware that a bad habit must be replaced by a good one in order to progressively improve . One of the best ways to change your mood for the better is by setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals. In this way it becomes a long- distance race to get well on a regular basis. Motivation , in this case, will play a fundamental role and will be the one that initiates the real change.

Last resort to improve mood

In the event that the mood does not improve , it is best to go to a professional to be able to solve the root problem. On many occasions, the human being needs certain guidelines to be able to see the problems with possible solutions . The best option is to attend a psychologist to redirect that state of mind . The personalized treatment of a professional will make the problems go away little by little and the person suffering from this bad mood will improve.

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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