Every year as the summer season approaches we begin to think about one of the most exciting and anticipated moments of the year: the summer holidays . A few days off that suppose a breath of fresh air, a revitalization to continue with our work until the next vacation period.

The physical and mental importance of the possibility of disconnecting is not alien to anyone . A few days away from work allow us to renew our strength and put ourselves first.

We are very aware of the importance of organizing and planning our work or study day well, but many times we do not invest the same amount of effort in considering how our rest period should be so that it really fulfills its objective: disconnect from day to day .

Why is it so important to disconnect from work during the holidays?

The holiday periods beyond beneficial, are needed as well as being well hydrated or sleep enough. Every day we must take a moment to disconnect from work to recharge batteries, however, this recharge is only partial.

Work life is a long-distance race and in order to reach the goal and achieve our goals, stops are necessary that allow us to renew our strength. Investing our energy in other activities , be it walking on the beach or climbing a mountain, is a relief for our mind used to the routine for so many days.

The sustained stress, sometimes extreme, that our job can entail has a direct impact on our well-being and health . And without these last two it is impossible to continue our working life and achieve our goals.

Therefore, we give you some tips that allow you to stop, take a breath and, thus, move forward , towards your goals.

How to disconnect from work during the holidays?

1. Leave everything well tied and closed before going on vacation.

You cannot really rest if during our vacations we are thinking all the time about the things that we have left behind. To be able to disconnect it is essential to leave the tasks finished or as advanced as possible.

For this, it may be useful to coordinate with co-workers who can follow up on those pending issues or conclude them themselves if it is not possible for us.

On the other hand, it will also be necessary to communicate in advance what days we will be away to those people on whom our work depends, such as clients, suppliers or subordinates. Something very simple and that can save us a lot of trouble is to program an automatic response in our email that reminds us that we are on vacation.

2. Stay away from mobile and other technologies.

New technologies have brought great advantages when it comes to working. They facilitate communication with clients, they allow us to work from places other than our office … but like most advances it also has its disadvantages.

The main disadvantage is that it allows us to receive notices about labor issues during our vacation period and this makes it impossible to disconnect. Always keep in mind that the vacation period is to rest and try to be away from the internet and mobile as much as possible in general. And in particular, the mobile phone or email of the company.

This technological disconnection is so important that even in European countries like France, it constitutes a legislated right of workers.

3. Plan what you are going to do on vacation

It is not about having everything carefully measured, or having a trip to a distant and exotic place prepared. It is about having a guide that sets the objectives that we set ourselves on those vacations . Reasonable and desirable goals but not at all so exhaustive or demanding that they are in themselves a source of stress.

Remember, the important thing is to rest and disconnect. As we plan our work, we must always take into account the need to dedicate time to our personal care. A few days off means many more hours to carry out this task.

You can cultivate your hobbies and hobbies. It is important to find and enjoy those activities that represent a genuine pleasure for us. They are usually activities that involve us and occupy our mind 100%, which is why they help us so much to rest.

4. Invest time in your social environment.

Work occupies many hours of our lives and sometimes leaves little space for the people who make us feel better and who we love. Search and find time to spend with your family and / or friends .

A good very summery option is to try to do physical activities outdoors with them . Physical exercise and positive social relationships directly affect our mental and physical health, they are factors that directly contribute to our well-being.

5. Forget the schedules.

Unless you have to catch a plane, in which case we recommend that you be aware, try to put the clock aside a bit.

It is not that the routine gets out of control and we end our vacation days by going to sleep at 6 in the morning and getting up at 4 in the afternoon. But we must try to make the schedule more flexible .

In our vacation break we should not be worried about whether we eat half an hour before or after or if we spend more or less time on the terrace of a bar. 

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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