Imagine the house of your dreams; large windows where a lot of light enters, rooms clear and very organized, a beautiful terrace where you can breathe fresh air, plants and flowers, in short, everyone longs for a house where they can be happy and that it is cozy . However, most avoid or try to avoid homes with low light, clutter and too bizarre decoration .

Separate tastes, we always try to find and create a stay that gives us peace and in which to spend unique moments in the company of our own. And it is that numerous studies show that the decoration that we have in our home directly influences our mood.

If you want to know everything to have a house where you are always happy, keep reading the article.

How the decoration of your house influences your mood

Even the smallest object that we have at home can also affect our mood, so it is essential that we choose a decoration according to our home.

Depending on the light and the colors that we choose, our house can change drastically, so if you want to renovate your house a bit or have just moved, the first thing you have to know are these lighting tricks and color gamut.

The lighting

The lighting along with the colors of our walls is the element that most influences our mood. We do not behave in the same way when we get up and see the first rays of sunlight coming through the window, as when the day is gray and cloudy. This is because natural light stimulates the production of serotonin and endorphins, which helps our heart rate.

The best thing is always to opt for natural lights, and stay away from excess artificial light. If we spend a lot of time exposed to powerful artificial light such as a lamp, we can develop headaches and it can also increase our stress level. However, spaces where light is abundant greatly encourage creativity and generate optimism.

Windows or skylights can be great options if we want a lot of natural light to enter our home and make our room feel well-being.

If we want to create a reading space we can opt for an artificial light that is warm. Colored lights like blue or pink can also be a good option to create unique spaces.


The color of our walls, furniture, ceilings and floors directly affect our mood. Experts advise changing the colors of our rooms at least every two or three years, they also add that we have to add different tones depending on the function that we are going to perform in that room, its square meters, natural light or whatever you want. get from it.

Warm tones such as red or orange are perfect for fall and winter, as they favor the feeling of warmth. In addition, the range of warm tones encourages a sense of playfulness and encourages dynamism. But if you take it to the extreme, it can cause a feeling of aggressiveness.

These colors are ideal to add in our living room, dining room and kitchen. The strong tones also help to promote the decoration. Pair it with white and neutral furniture.

The colder tones such as blue, mauve, or green convey a feeling of serenity, tranquility and help us relax. These colors help hyperactive or more outgoing people to find a stimulus to relax. They are ideal for small spaces such as the bedroom or the work room, as they stimulate creativity. If we take these colors to the extreme we will be creating impersonal and even depressing rooms.

To decorate the room of the little ones, the best are pastel colors; the pink , light blue, beige or green light will help our little ones cry more easily. These colors are often associated with innocence, delicacy, or charm. If we use these tones in environments where the smallest of the house will be, we will be creating a cozy atmosphere, in which calm will be breathed and restlessness will be released.

Wallpaper is also a good option to decorate a children’s room , just on one wall.

It is best to combine cool colors with furniture and decor that have a warmer range and vice versa.

Tips to get a stay appropriate to your mood

Smells are also a key element in our mood, so we must not forget to put scented candles or incense in our home. Nor that the smells are too cloying, depending on the room we can put fresher smells such as in the bathroom, or even more fruity or warmer smells such as vanilla in the living room .

Plants and flowers also have to be present in our home, surrounding ourselves with natural materials is always a good option as they help calm our spirits, and regain control will be easier if we are entertained by watering our flowers and plants.

So that the feeling of well-being always reigns in our home we have to take into account several tricks; Choosing furniture and decorative objects of the right size for our room is key. Avoid filling spaces that are too small, especially in bedrooms and study rooms. You have to always keep your tastes in mind, if there is something that bothers you, remove it, avoid recycled items from previous houses that do not represent you.

It is very important not to mix our rest area with our work area, avoid having a computer or professional equipment in rooms such as the living room and bedroom as they can increase our stress levels and we could not disconnect from work routines. If you work from home you have to keep in mind when buying a house the number of rooms it has, it is important to reserve a space only for your work, even if it is minimal, that does have a window.

Having a home where you breathe calm is not difficult, with the help of decorating books and a little imagination you will achieve your ideal stay.

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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