A possessive person can drain all your energy and make you feel bad all the time . You will feel sad and with a lot of physical and mental exhaustion without knowing exactly where all that fatigue comes from. Possession can compromise your ability to interact with your friends and family because your partner always wants to know what you are doing or wants you to do everything by their side.

When a partner becomes possessive, it can be a warning sign that the time has come for the relationship to end. Because possession or jealousy is not love at all, it is just a toxic relationship that can kill your energy almost without you even realizing it. If you end that relationship that slowly undermines you, you can change your life in many ways and become more aware of your self-protection. You will realize that life has much more color than you thought and that it is really worth enjoying every second of breath you have.

If you have realized that your partner has become a possessive person and it seems that he does not want to change that aspect of himself , then it is important that you know how to act so that it ends as soon as possible and you can start your life again and give yourself the opportunity to be happy.

Ensure your emotional well-being

Take steps to help ensure your well-being. Let your friends and family know that you are breaking up with your partner because he is possessive. Ending a relationship can cause hurt feelings, and that can lead to unpredictable behaviors . Even if you don’t suspect that your partner will attack you or become aggressive when you break up, telling someone close to you about your plans could help ensure your safety. Tell a friend or family member to call you right after the breakup.

Be clear

You will have to be clear about the breakup so that there are no half understandings. You can tell him that you love him and that you want to continue maintaining a friendship relationship or that you do not want to stop seeing him … But avoid trying to convince you that you have to stay together. Do not believe his manipulative words if he tells you that no one is going to love you the way he / she does, etc.

Do not contact him / her after the breakup

When the relationship is over, avoid contact after the breakup. Contacting him after the relationship is over will only make him think that you miss him and want to get back into the romantic relationship again. If he / she contacts you, keep conversations short out of cordiality, but don’t delve into conversations to avoid misunderstandings.

Look for other people to have fun

Find other people to do activities with.  Spend time with other people to fill the time you spent with your partner . Call your friends or make new ones. Make plans to go out to dinner or have a fun night out. Join an activity club if you have a hard time keeping friends (because they were ordinary people).

Go ahead with your life

It is very important that you move on with your life. When you were in a relationship, you spent part of your time involved in activities that only the other party enjoyed, right? Try activities that you put off while you were in the relationship, like taking a dance class . Have fun. This will let your ex know that you have a new perspective on life and that you are not going to be in a relationship with him / her again.

If necessary, take more drastic actions

If you think it is necessary, take more drastic action. You will have to make sure at the end of the relationship and make sure that afterwards there is no possessiveness either. A partner who is overly possessive can become abusive and threaten your safety. This type of abuse can be subtle at first, so if you feel watched, have a controlling, jealous or possessive attitude … speak directly to the gender violence telephone number for help: 016 (Spain)

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