More and more production companies want to bring viewers closer to the mental disorders suffered by a large part of the population to give them visibility because the vast majority are a great unknown to most people. In these times they are more and more common and they are eliminating that taboo making it normal and that the person who needs help requests it without fear and without shame. “Even if it’s tough, try to find the strength to say it,” Lady Gaga said in her speech at the 2019 Grammys . To do this, discover these 5 movies about mental disorders to learn a little more about a topic that is gradually becoming normal.

‘The Fight Club’ (1999)

One of the films related to mental disorders is ” Fight Club ” (1999), where Jack, a young man tired of his life, struggles with a series of problems and meets a charismatic soap salesman Tyler ( Brad Pitt ). Together they create a fight club where they can vent their frustrations. It is a film that was not very successful when it was released, but over the years it has gained popularity and has become a cult film.

It is a plot in which several themes are dealt with, but the most notable is that the narrator suffers from multiple personality disorder . The narrator is incredibly dissatisfied with his life and inadvertently turns into Tyler to make up for his lack of masculinity and power. The truth is that it is still a movie since it is very far from reality, that is, people who suffer from dissociative identity disorder suffer from it due to abuse or some childhood trauma among others. On the other hand, they portray the disease very well and their representation reflects how intense it can be to suffer from this type of disorder .

‘Multiple’ (2017)

The film deals with the kidnapping of three teenage girls by a man who suffers from multiple personality, that is, dissociative identity disorder . It is a disease that affects 1% of the population, but for those who suffer from it their life is considerably limited since it must be treated as soon as possible. This disorder is recognized as a mental process in which the connection with the memories, experiences, actions of a person fails .

The film tells how Kevin has a total of 23 different personalities where every time he visits the room where he is holding the teenagers, he shows a different personality. They try to escape by befriending a personality but Kevin is too smart.

‘Down to the bone’ (2017)

This movie that can be seen on Netflix tells the life of a young teenager, Ellen, who suffers from anorexia. In addition, problems that are not as well known as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa appear in the report . They are pathologies with a high mortality rate, so you have to pay attention to any symptoms.

The film includes realistic representations of behavioral, emotional and cognitive manifestations that the characters can experience , something that often happens in real life. In addition, it is a film that removes the conscience to eliminate the taboo and to be able to speak freely about eating disorder issues in order to find a solution since if it is not put, the consequences are quite serious .

‘The Shining’ (1980)

One of the most mythical films of the cinema is ‘ The Shining ‘ (1980). It must be said that it did not have a premiere in style and, although initially the reception was not very cozy, it ended up becoming the director’s greatest success. It should be noted that the paranormal events that occur throughout Kubrik’s film are real or the result of the paranoia of the protagonist, Jack Torrance .

The story is that Jack moves with his wife and 7-year-old son to an impressive hotel, Overlook located in Colorado, to take care of the maintenance of the facilities during the winter season, so the hotel remains closed and isolated by snow . The goal of finding peace is far away as shortly after arriving at the hotel Jack begins to suffer from disturbing personality disorders .

‘The secret window’ (2004)

This 2004 film where Johnny Depp is the main character is about how the writer suffers an inspiration block, so he moved to retire to a lonely house next to a lake. In addition, he faces his divorce and is accused of plagiarism. At the end of the film it is revealed that the writer (Attention Spolier) suffers from a personality disorder. An entertaining movie where not everything is what it seems. 

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