A person’s decision to emigrate has always been, as a general rule, a tough decision . Leaving behind friends, family and all your familiar surroundings is difficult and more when one is faced with starting a life from scratch, alone or accompanied, in another country . Emigration has always existed and there are many factors by which a person decides to take that path, although most of them are given by the desire to have a better lifestyle.

Fortunately, emigration today is not seen as in the past, because today there is technology so powerful that it allows one part of the world to be connected to another simultaneously, something that greatly facilitates the process of change. However, having to emigrate implies a drastic change in the entire daily routine that can affect a person psychologically, although this will depend on how the new environment is, their ability to adapt and the conditions they find themselves in the country of destiny.

It is important to bear in mind that emigrating to another country will entail not only a geographical change, but also that one will come across a different lifestyle and culture than that of their country of origin. Within the same continent, the change can affect certain aspects that one could easily get used to, but if the transfer is intercontinental, then the clash and the cultural difference between both countries can be really hard for the person in question. If you are planning to emigrate in search of new opportunities and you do not want this to affect you psychologically, then Bekia offers you a series of tips that will make the whole process more bearable .

Find out about the country to which you are emigrating

Not many years ago, the only source of information one had was word of mouth and the experiences told by all those who returned to their country of origin after many years living abroad. Fortunately, nowadays, new technologies are available to everyone and you just have to search for some information on the internet to learn everything and more about the culture, traditions and way of life of a specific country.

The first advice before emigrating that you should take into account would be to inform yourself about your destination . All of this includes you researching how their bureaucracy works, their society, what their religion is, their customs, traditions, etc. This will prevent your new environment from being shocking or too shocking a change for you, and it will also be of great help when adapting , since you will already have a knowledge base about the place.

Analyze how you expect to feel in the first few weeks

First of all and to prevent reality from hitting the expectations and dreams with which you were going to your destination, stop and think about what your arrival will be like, your first days and how you will feel. Be honest with yourself and assume that what you will notice the most will be sadness for being away from your house and friends, disorientation in an environment that you do not know, suspicion or distrust of unusual situations in your day to day, and endless other emotions.

To clarify your ideas, it may help to put all this in writing, in addition to imagining what problems or obstacles you may run into in the first days. Do not take this as a negative and do not want to see everything on the wrong side, just be objective. Once you have done this analysis, go on to also analyze the positive aspect of having to travel to another country and try to see everything as an experience that will make you learn to cope and overcome the initial loneliness.

Once you are there, take care of the most basic things

When emigrating to another country, especially when it is located in another time zone, it is common for the body to suffer from the well-known jet lag and that it is difficult for it to adapt to the new schedules and rhythms. Getting used to the new routine, whether at home or at work, in addition to all the stress of moving to another country with a different culture and society, will put an extra effort on your body and mind .

To avoid that this whole situation overwhelms you and that you fall into a deep sadness, keep in mind that, at first, it is normal to feel an overload of stress because the body needs to acclimatize little by little. To alleviate the effects of jet lag and such a drastic change, it is very important that you attend to your most basic needs such as rest or food. Eat well and try to rest the hours you need so that your body adapts to the changes in schedules. If you notice that, with the passage of time, the situation does not normalize and that your body and mind are beginning to suffer, go to the doctor so that he can help you. Going to a professional, whether you see that stress and sadness as well as poor physical health are nesting in you, is essential.

Try to build friendships at your destination

Having one or more acquaintances in the country where you are going to emigrate can help you a lot when moving and getting to know your new home. Not having friends in your new city can cause you to get discouraged and end up isolating yourself from the world, something that will end up taking its toll and generating a feeling of emptiness. Nor do you try to make up for this lack of friends or acquaintances by talking at all times with your family and friends because this, although it may alleviate your sadness momentarily, will not solve your real problem, such as initial loneliness.

Focus your efforts and thoughts on the fact that you have to build a new life in a different place than yours of origin and, therefore, there is no use lamenting. Take away the shame , flee from the perennial loneliness and try to create new friendships, either within your work environment or with a neighbor that you see predisposed. If this does not work for you, you can always resort to the Internet, and to all the number of applications that exist online to meet new people . Also, if you move to another country where your native language is not spoken, you can take the excuse of the language to participate in language exchange groups and thus meet people who are interested in learning your language and in making new friends. 

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