The polyamory refers to those loving relationships formed by three or more individuals, men or women, creating stability and management of similar emotions which could be found in conventional pairs of two. Not all the people in the couple establish a relationship with each other, it can be a person with two or more people simultaneously. In polyamory, there is no couple with a higher hierarchical rank than the others.

At present, this type of relationship seems to have been made known more in depth, although this does not mean that it should be thought that they are something new, only that today it is more common for it to be shown publicly.

There are different types of polyamory possible

It is possible to find several different cases within polyamory. One of them would be that of a person who has several stable relationships with more than one person, but always with the consent and knowledge of all of them. In this case, the lives of their spouses could be common or, in less common cases, separate, just as these spouses could have other parallel relationships simultaneously.

Another case, this possibly more common than the previous one today, is that of the so-called triejas. This refers to three people who form a union in which all three are considered as equals within that relationship and share their emotions in equivalent parts. This could be difficult to manage in some cases, since in many of them it implies the bisexuality of one of the parties to be able to carry out, or failing that, a great complicity between all the parties, respect and mainly love , as in any other modality, including couples . This type of relationship can be found with more than three people, although it is less common.

It would be common to think that in cases similar to the previous one, everything begins with couples who feel they are tired of the routine and want to change it, opening their relationship or adding someone to it, but the truth is that in the case of couples who are going through difficulties It would be difficult, if not impossible, to be able to manage these types of emotions. When it comes to a couple who wants to add someone to their relationship , they must be very stable and united people, since it is essential to have a solid foundation on which to build that new relationship.

There are people who are looking for partners to form a relationship

Due to the fact that this modality of polyamory is becoming more and more known, so are those people who want to be part of a non-monogamous relationship, or who are looking for a partner with whom to join to form a stable relationship, in which day-to-day It is a matter of three, as well as everything everyday, until reaching the point where the three can love and understand each other equally, a fundamental part of polyamory. It seems like something difficult to manage , but there are many success stories, isn’t it difficult to manage emotions in couples as well?

Relationships made up of three or more people don’t always start with partners opening their relationship to someone. It is increasingly common to find people interested in knowing each other from scratch , between three or more, and create links in parallel until they find the union or, as in any relationship, wait for the spark of love to emerge.

As we have commented and it is possible to imagine, the previous examples of stable relationship are easier to manage in cases of bisexual people due to a matter of affinity, although it has been shown that in triads formed by two men and a woman, or two women and a man, all regardless of their previous tastes end up creating a very close bond and love can arise in all three parts equally. Logically, not everything is always so idyllic and there are relationships in which one of the two parties is not attracted to people of their own gender, in this case the polyamorous solution is the one we discussed at the beginning of the article, in which one person has several relationships simultaneously.

In the case of couples who, on their part, have several partners, we must understand that if two people consider themselves a marriage or believe they are the main couple, and therefore that the other couples are secondary, it is not considered polyamory but rather an open relationship in the in the case of only carnal external relations or bigamy, in the case of marrying two people, or polygamy in the case of marrying more than two people, but in no case are these examples considered polyamory . To be considered polyamorous, it must be clear that all parts are equally important. It would even be strange to find cases in which all of them do not have common moments, a fluid relationship between all parties and even live in the same home.

In summary, polyamory is nothing more than forgetting everything that has been instilled in us about couples , where it seems that everything is within a marked path that consists of meeting, living together, getting married and / or having children. In the case of polyamory, relationships are especially focused on love itself and seeking the state of greatest happiness within the relationship, leaving aside everything that society and traditions expect of us. 

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