We live in a world, where we generally look at our own actions , and hence we demand that everyone act in the same way , if not, it is already synonymous with criticism and prejudice that unleash bad energy . Well, all these aspects go hand in hand, because not only do you have to look at your own life, but also that of the people around us, those we have so much in our circle of trust as those we meet for the first time .

We must leave prejudices aside, and learn and be aware that not everyone has the same life , the same facilities and the same obstacles . We are not all the same, and before learning what empathy really is, we must put aside prejudices in order to work on the first aspect. It can be said that over time you can become empathetic , because life is putting situations, and that is when we can feel what other people have felt in the past or feel in the present. To do this, you have to know exactly what empathy is .

What is empathy

It is very easy to understand, since empathy is the good intention of understanding the feelings and emotions that another person is experiencing, objectively and rationally. Thanks to this communicative feeling , which can be worked on, the people who have it can help each other , especially in the worst moments. When a person is going through a bad streak, having empathy with someone from his environment, even outside of him, makes him see everything with more positivity and can help him progressively solve the problem .

Thanks to those people who have empathy , they can directly feel the emotions and feelings of the other person, it is more they feel that because they know that life can put them in the situation at any time, they never know what could happen. Definitely, having empathy is “putting yourself in the other person’s shoes . 

Listening is another trait of those empathic people and they must pay attention to every detail in order to have that empathic connection and create that communicative bond that will make both parties come out of that experience strengthened. However, there are also many people who dislike them , and who only look at themselves and criticize everything that happens to others, just because, as they have not experienced it, they think or believe that they may be blamed for certain events or that happens is from the same person .

Empathic communication and how to apply it

The communication concerning empathy is not only a component of the aid relationship or compression but is also an important valuable tool in any work environment, even in the social sphere. The word empathy comes from the Greek and is translated as, “feel inside” , and refers to the relationship of seeing the world through the eyes of another person, and seeing what they feel in each moment, for better or for worse .

    1. Transparency . Emotional reactions should not be hidden for fear of what others might think. Although you will not always agree with another person, you have to find the means to expose your thoughts in such a way that they do not block communication , but rather that you try to transmit another point of life in a healthy way and without being harmful.
    1. Self-control . We must not confuse our reactions with those of the other person or impose our ideals . You have to let the conversation flow and exchange ideas to solve in some cases the problems that a person may have, always with respect , honesty and contributing the best of ourselves so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings.
    1. Unconditional acceptance . You have to avoid judging others , and focus on what they may be feeling in the first person .

In the first place, offer solutions , in case the same experience has been lived or say what you would do instead if you were in that situation. And secondly, the availability in case at any other time you need help or express what you feel. This is one way that active listening is reinforced.

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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