1. What are cookies?

Cookies (and other equivalent technologies) are devices that store and retrieve information from users’ computers when they browse a website. They can be used, for example, for a website to remember your preferences or to avoid having to log in every time you visit it.

The purposes of the cookies used by Smart Psychoo  , owned by Smartpsychoo , are detailed in the following section.

2. What do we use cookies for?

This website uses cookies that allow the operation and provision of the services offered on it (for example, to manage the consent given in relation to cookies).

In addition, we use the following third-party cookies, that is, cookies for which third parties outside Smartpsychoo are responsible for the use of these technologies and the information that is involved.

3. How to disable and reject cookies

You can choose which cookies you want to work on the website from the configuration panel available here. This does not affect the cookies we use to operate the website.

You can also configure your browser to block cookies. These are the instructions offered by some of the main browsers:

Keep in mind that some cookies also save your consent and rejection options, so if you configure the browser to reject them, your decisions may not be saved.

Some of the third parties whose cookies we use on the website also offer tools to disable or reject their cookies.

  • Adform: rejecting personalized ads and tracking
  • Adition: rejecting personalized ads
  • Adobe: privacy options
  • BidTheater: rejection of ads
  • Flashtalking: rejecting personalized ads and tracking
  • Google: add-on to disable Google Analytics , disable ad personalization and Google Chrome extension to opt-out of DoubleClick advertising cookies
  • Nielsen: rejecting personalized ads
  • Outbrain: profile and disabling ads
  • Pubmatic: rejecting personalized ads
  • Quantcast: rejecting personalized ads
  • Rubicon Project: rejecting personalized ads
  • Scorecard Research: preferences on participation in market research programs
  • Seedtag: disabling ad personalization
  • SpotX: privacy portal
  • Tapad: rejection system
  • The Trade Desk: rejection system
  • Weborama: exclusion of personalized ads
  • Xandr: rejecting personalized ads
  • Yahoo: privacy control panel
  • Zeotap: reject options

The YourAdChoices tool , from the Digital Advertising Alliance, also offers options for rejecting behavioral advertising from participating companies, including the following: Adform, Adobe, Flashtalking, Google, Nielsen, Outbrain, Quantcast, Roku, Rubicon Project, Tapad, The Trade Desk, and Weborama.

4. Information on data protection

In this section we provide you with information on the processing of personal data that complements the information provided in the rest of the sections of this policy.

4.1. Responsible for the treatment

  • Company Name: Smart Psychoo
  • Address: 1751 Gunbarrel Road, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, 37421
  • Contact email:[email protected]

4.2. Legal basis of the treatment

The consent you give to the use of cookies legitimizes the use made of them to process your personal data. You can revoke this consent as indicated in section 3 of this policy.

4.3. Data categories

Next, we indicate the types of data that are processed through cookies:

  • For analysis or measurement purposes: user identifier if the user is registered, URLs browsed, browser and device information.
  • For behavioral advertising purposes: URLs browsed, browser and device information, IP that is replaced by an advertising identifier (example: IP:, is replaced by ABC and this is what is stored).
  • For linking devices on your network: user identifier.

4.4. Profiling

If you accept the use of behavioral advertising cookies, a profile will be created to show you personalized advertising, as described in section 2 of this policy.

The categories of data used for profiling are specified in section 4.3.

For example, if you browse car web pages, you will be included in a possible profile of “interested in cars”, and you will be shown advertising that is understood to be of interest to you (promotions for new cars, dealerships, etc.). If you do it by sports sections, you will be included in a possible profile of “interested in sports”, and you will be shown advertising related to that characteristic.

4.5. Recipients of the data

If you accept the use of cookies, the entities identified in section 2 of this policy will process the data collected through said technologies for the purposes indicated in that same section.

In the case of behavioral advertising cookies, different entities intervene in the process that begins from when your information is collected with the cookies until the personalized ad is shown to you: advertisers, media agencies, advertising networks and other intermediaries who put its technology at the service of this end. You can find more information about these entities and the programmatic advertising process in the Guide on the use of cookies , published by the USA Agency for Data Protection.

4.6. Transfers to third countries

Smartpsychoo  does not make transfers to third countries. Regarding the third parties identified in section 2 of this policy, you can consult their respective policies in said section to inform you of the transfers to third countries that, where appropriate, they carry out.

4.7. Exercise of rights

To the extent that they are applicable, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation of treatment, data portability and revocation of consent by contacting the addresses listed in section 4.1 of this policy. If you want to know your rights better, we recommend that you consult this page of the USA Agency for Data Protection.

If you consider your rights infringed, you can also complain to the USA Data Protection Agency .