Most likely, nowadays no father or mother can say that they have not gone through tantrums or outbursts of their children, these being the most childish. These usually occur when the little ones yearn for something and, not having it, they cry, scream, kick and put on the show in order to get what they demand. It is important for parents to know that this situation may arise at any time , and there are few things they can do to prevent these tantrums from occurring. However, there are many tips or keys that can be taken into account to manage this type of situation in the best possible way, getting the little ones to get the best of the lessonsthanks to the way they treat these outbursts that they have by their parents. Therefore, some of these tips or keys to follow are:

    1. Prevent tantrums : As just discussed, it is almost impossible to avoid all tantrums that children may have. However, parents have a great advantage , and it is the fact that they know their children perfectly. So this is something you can use to help prevent certain outbursts.
    1. Give them space : Not only in day to day, but also during children’s outbursts, it will be good to give them distance or space and not overwhelm them or create more tension than may already exist . Sometimes, and especially in people with strong character or drive, it is good to speak or reflect on things cold and when the situation is somewhat calmer.
    1. Reflect on decisions : Parents should sometimes reflect on how they are managing their relationship with their children, since these, sometimes, may be the reason that children have constant childhood tantrums . The constant refusal on the part of the parents or the giving in to all the wishes of the children, are something that parents should reflect on .
    1. Eliminate stress : Parents must have a means of escape or disconnection to be able to eliminate all that stress accumulated during the day to day and avoid paying with their children , in certain situations, their fatigue.
    1. Calm the children : In addition to the fact that parents must remain calm , they also have to seek to reassure the children in these situations in which they tend to be exaggeratedly upset.
    1. Seek dialogue : In the face of tantrums, dialogue is the most necessary. It is important for children to understand that they cannot get things done with these kinds of attitudes.
  1. Relativize : Do not dramatize about children’s tantrums. That is, it is recommended to give them the importance they have, since they are outbursts that have no major significance after a short period of time .

How not to act before these tantrums?

In addition to certain tips on how to manage a child tantrum, some guidelines can also be mentioned not to follow in case of this type of situation. Some of them are:

Give in to the wishes of the children

Often times, the little ones seek the attention of the older ones or get what they want through outbursts. In this case, it is essential to make them understand that, by having these childish tantrums or attitudes , they are not going to achieve what they want and that, therefore, there are other ways or paths that exist so that what they want is fulfilled , as long as when this is something considered logical and possible by their parents. Ultimately, the important thing is not to give in , since if this is the case, the children will know that by kicking they will get everything they want and they will not give any value to the fact of fighting, working or striving for what they really want.

Lose your nerves

It is essential to work on this aspect so as not to give in to children’s tantrums. In other words, it is about trying to remain calm in the face of their excessive reactions and their pleas in order not to get upset and that they see that they are on the way to achieving their goal. Therefore, it is recommended to practice ignorance or what is the same, to pretend nothing is happening. This will make the little ones much angrier , and although the tantrum may increase, they will eventually tire and realize that this is not the way to get their parents’ attention .

Yelling or hitting them

Sometimes, the infantile reactions of the children drive their parents so mad that they take them to the extreme of raising their voices and even hitting them the odd slap. This is really something unnecessary and that, therefore, it is recommended to avoid at all times, since it will not achieve anything other than taking a bad drink and that the child also has a bad time and even reveals himself even more. 

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