When a woman knows she is pregnant it may be one of the most important news of her life . Whether you were looking for it or not, from that moment your life will change and there will be many things that you will have to start thinking or that you will have to consider at that moment, in order to be able to provide the most appropriate for the well-being of your health and of the baby that is gestating inside.

The psychology of pregnancy

Therefore, there is a branch of psychology dedicated only to women who are in this process of their life. It is during pregnancy that the woman’s body undergoes many changes , both on an aesthetic level, with the growth of the belly or the swelling of the face or legs being the most obvious, but also psychological, since the hormonal changes in her body will be constant. both during the gestation months, and once they have given birth.

The expectations of women in terms of physique and the tasks that they must and want to perform during and after pregnancy are many , so that the one who is pregnant may be at a critical moment in her life, during which she will experience many changes and you will have many ideas in mind that you may not be able to carry out as you would like.

Thus, it is critical that the pregnant woman is aware that his psychology will change more or less voluntary throughout the entire process of pregnancy and after childbirth, so should not be afraid to contact a professional of health specialized in pregnancy psychology if she considers it necessary or convenient, since it will be the best for her, for her child and her family nucleus.

Changes in the psychology of women during pregnancy

In addition to the aforementioned physical changes, which may affect the pregnant woman more or less, there may also be changes in her health status . It is likely that the pregnant woman did not have back pain , migraines or dizziness before she became pregnant , pain that often occurs in those expecting a child. These ailments can have a negative effect on the pregnant woman , making her in a worse mood or more down because of these pains.

From the moment in which the woman discovers that she is expecting a baby, she may begin to realize that her life is going to take a turn . You will go from having been a more or less independent, individual person, to having another human being inside you and having to share the rest of your life with him or her. That is, she will stop being herself to become a mother.

It is likely that the title of mother seems very big at first and appears to you as a great responsibility. You will surely have moments when you feel very happy to be able to be, so it is normal for you to go from one extreme of great happiness to another of great uncertainty from one moment to the next. Therefore, it is essential that pregnant women have the support they need from loved ones at all times. Hormonal changes will also greatly influence these mood swings that will be completely normal, since you are at a key moment in your life.

The fact of having to organize the home and have everything prepared for the arrival of the youngest will also add tension to these nerves and mood swings caused by pregnancy and by the great present and future responsibility of being a mother and housing a life. inside. Thus, organization will be key to gradually carrying out all the necessary tasks to prepare the nest, as the mother’s need to have the house ready before the baby’s arrival is called, in time and without nerves for the sake of your health and the youngest .

Some mothers are obsessed not only with having the perfect home, but with childbirth (of which some may develop fear), that the family is perfect , future studies, the best education, etc., and what they do is spend the day reading articles related to pregnancy , childbirth and the subsequent education of your child, buying the necessary products or preparing things at home.

It is very good for the pregnant woman to be organized and far-sighted , but she should also give herself a break and spend some moments of the day dedicating them to herself, doing what she likes and enjoying herself. Otherwise, you may have very high expectations of yourself and your task as a mother and, not being able to fulfill them because nobody is perfect, you could become frustrated and suffer a crisis , for which you will have to go to a professional from the specialized mental health in order to regain your good health and enjoy this special moment of your life.

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