Summer is approaching and, as it has become customary especially among girls (although increasingly among boys), we are beginning to worry about our physical appearance in the face of the summer season.

At this point in the year we are fully involved in what is known as a bikini operation. Which begins, usually, by regretting having gone overboard with food at the past parties or by prioritizing watching movies while eating popcorn as a way to rest versus playing sports.

This time of year for many people is an added stress to that of our busy and busy lives. We began to think about the need to do diets and sports frantically and this undoubtedly has a great emotional impact.


Suffering anxiety about food , unfortunately it is very common and if we propose a highly restrictive diet this discomfort is accentuated even more.

We are in the middle of spring and we realize that we have not taken care of our diet. So, we want to lose weight quickly and we put ourselves on diets with foods that we do not like and that provide us with much fewer calories than we are used to.

Maintaining this in the long run is often impossible. The initial motivation disappears quickly when we are faced with continuous feelings of hunger and the fatigue that is usually associated with it. The bikini operation could even end worse than it started .

The exercise

As a supplement to lose weight, everyone knows that exercising is essential . As in the case of diet, at the beginning of the bikini operation it is normal for you to approach starting sports as something that will give us immediate results.

In our initial state of motivation we consider doing a lot of activity that in the best of cases will give us a lot of stiffness and, at worst, it can cause us injuries because we tend to try to do more than we can or we do it incorrectly because of ignorance.

Tips for dealing with bikini surgery

1. Ditch restrictive diets and consider eating well as a lifestyle.

Putting your body on a restrictive diet that doesn’t fit your lifestyle is totally counterproductive.

It is physically so because as soon as you return to eating normal you will regain the lost kilos or more (usually in the form of fat).

It is also psychological and emotional . On the one hand, we have the feeling of hunger and fatigue that will affect us emotionally and, on the other, the ups and downs in diets cause our emotions to be regulated around them.

A healthy and constant diet will help stabilize your weight and emotions and, therefore, also your motivation to feel good.

2. Don’t use food as an emotional outlet.

Anxiety can be a great enemy when trying to eat healthy. It is normal that when we are anxious, sad or feel some other kind of discomfort, we take refuge in processed or high-calorie foods.

Finding alternative ways to face these situations is the best option to avoid the famous binges that, in the long term, bring us even more displeasure.

3. Follow basic nutritional guidelines.

We are talking about a change in lifestyle so you have to start with the basics. Try to eat five times a day , on a regular basis, using the typical ingredients of the Mediterranean diet such as fruits and vegetables . It is also important to hydrate well.

A good way to start is to try to avoid processed foods and encourage yourself to cook. You do not need to have great skills and you will see how what you do by yourself tastes much better.

4. Approach exercise as something progressive.

Like introducing a healthier diet , exercise should be introduced gradually. Otherwise, failures will follow and our motivation will collapse.

We must always keep in mind that doing something is better than doing nothing. Adapt the exercise to your sensations and do not seek to lose weight immediately.

Also, keep in mind that exercise, rather than losing weight, will gradually strengthen your body. You will feel better little by little, more agile and active but only if you make it part of your life.

5. Rest is also important.

Sleeping well is basic to this healthy lifestyle. Without being rested we will not be able to face life no matter how well we eat or exercise.

In conclusion, it is not about undergoing the bikini operation or losing weight. This radical change that we consider emotionally is unhealthy and impossible to maintain in the long term.

Plan a gradual change that complements your life and makes you feel better in all aspects. After all, summer is to be enjoyed and not only for others to see a beautiful body.

Plan a change for yourself and your well-being!

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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