You only have one life to live and it is too short to waste. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations or relationships that seem difficult to handle or that make us feel uncomfortable.  Risks are inherently difficult to take because they challenge you to grow and change, and that can be scary and uncertain. 

But with risk comes the reward … You open yourself up to new opportunities and experiences, learn new skills, or come out with epic stories. We are going to tell you about some different risks that are worth taking in your life to improve yourself and those around you … And always, remember that the important thing is to enjoy the journey.

Do something you’ve always wanted but never done

Have you ever had a friend who ran a marathon, signed up for a new degree, or volunteered to go abroad and thought, “I wish I could do that, but I’m not brave enough.” But he is brave enough! Most of the limits that we think exist are self-taught. They come from ideas and thoughts that we have about ourselves and that we invent. 

These thoughts, called “dysfunctional thoughts” in cognitive behavioral therapy, create barriers to what you think you can and cannot do. And they often limit you to accomplishing all that you can achieve. So what has someone else done or something you’ve always wanted to try but thought you wouldn’t be able to? Write it down on a piece of paper or in your journal. Now make that your goal … Sign up for a career, get a degree or take a course … Think about what you want to achieve and start moving in that direction. Remember that if you always do the same thing, you will not be able to achieve different things. P ou can do anything you set your mind; you just have to start changing your thoughts and the behavior will follow.

Accept rejection or denial

Nobody likes the feeling of being rejected. Nobody likes to be rejected by others. When you hear the word “rejection”, do you flinch and think about that time you said or did something that made you miss an opportunity or a relationship?  We all deal with challenges and losses that don’t go according to our plans. 

Rejection from others, whether it’s in the workplace or from your spouse, child, or friend, can really drag you down. Losing a game , not getting your best shot at graduation, or losing to another candidate for a job can make you question your worth. But stop there. Rejection, loss, and adversity mold you into a stronger version of yourself. So the rejection must belong to you once you accept it. Let me push you to the next level of change … And don’t let it put you off, you will bring out the best in you!

Be the most authentic version of you

You are the only and best version of you. Have you ever stopped to think about that? Do you own something that is original or unique? You are just that, an original work of art hanging in the Museum of Modern Art … However, as a society, we are programmed to look at others to find out what is trending , what is in fashion, what is cool. 

The media is full of TV shows telling you how to dress. Social media has bloggers and photographers bombarding you with ideas on how to match an outfit or makeup. The biggest risk you will take in life is to be authentically you. So try to dress exactly how you want, without thinking about Pinterest or Instagram. Try to make decisions for yourself that are not what everyone around you does. Look what that does for your soul and your self-esteem … you will be surprised.

Bet on change

Are you in a relationship that you know you shouldn’t have? Are you clinging to a dream of changing roles in your job , but you know deep down that your boss will never promote you? Is it time for you to move to a new city or look for a new job? Making “adult” decisions that impact the rest of your life can sometimes be daunting. 

Change creates interpersonal chaos and sometimes a small amount of pain. Even when change is for the better, we still have to go through a process of abandonment or grief. That is why you may have found yourself in a situation that you know is not the best for you, but you have not let it go from your life yet. Let go of that situation … You know what is best for you. Take the leap of faith, make the switch, and start crying. You will be stronger and healthier in the long run, and everything will get better with time.

Say what you feel

Let’s face it: relationships are tough. Have you ever found yourself trying to figure out how your partner would feel if you said something to them? Do you have things inside you that you want to talk to a friend about but are too afraid to face? Do you build possible conversations in your head with family members before talking to them? 

The human connection is challenging because we constantly hypothesize how others perceive us and what they want from us. We are conditioned to make assumptions about life without even knowing the truth. This scares you to open your heart and share what you need to get out. 

Think of something that you have wanted to say to someone, an opportunity that you have wanted to take advantage of to meet someone or something that you have wanted to ask. Take a chance, do it. Sharing your true feelings allows you to be genuine with yourself. If the person on the receiving end doesn’t respond the way you expected, don’t worry … you have roughly 7 billion other people in the world trying to connect with you.

Do what scares you

How many times have you decided that you were going to do something and didn’t do it? Have you ever felt like you deserved a raise, but just couldn’t muster the courage to ask for one? Have you tried to start a business and fell short because you were afraid? Have you ever thought about going to college or moving to a new place but only saw it as a distant dream? If you ask the most successful people what the key to their achievements was, they will say that they never gave up. 

One type of evidence-based treatment, solution-focused therapy, focuses on the questions people are asked about their lives in the absence of the problems they face. For example, what would your life be like if you had already asked for that raise? What would you do if you were no longer afraid? You have the skills within you to keep you motivated and goal oriented.  The first and most important goal in life is never to give up …

Elle Mcdonald

I am Elle Mcdonald Specializations in Psychology . Graduated in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 2000. Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and psychological treatments with excellent results.

First Level of Master in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Therapists (recognized with a scientific-professional nature by the College of Psychologists)

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